30 December 2012

Gone Till After New Years

I will have Ben & Polly's analysis shortly after that. And after that, there will be the full analysis of the First Doctor. That one will be a tad longer as it will be encompassing everything from the start. It's going to be interesting to see how some of the companions stack up.

What, did you think I'm sneaking ahead? I'm posting these as I finish them so I really don't know that the results are beforehand. I get surprised just as much from what I find.

See You When I Get Home

The ride continues in 2013 on the way to the 50th anniversary...

29 December 2012

The Bacon Numbers of Who

I was all set to go fetch all the Bacon Numbers for the Doctors when I found that someone had beaten me to it. So why re-invent the wheel. Here are the results from nwhye's LiveJournal

28 December 2012

The Doctor's Girls-Dodo-Companion Analysis

Doctor's Girls banner

Art by mimi-na on Deviant Art

Twirling DodoSo Doctor Who's first attempt to present us with someone from The Swinging Sixties.

Okay, what next guys? Guys? Are you there guys?

Now that they have her here, they have no idea what to do with her. If The Island of Misfit Companions existed, she would be president. But it wasn't Jackie Lane's fault. It seems that no one in control of the show had any idea how to write for a character such as this.

In any case, have a Twirling Dodo gif

27 December 2012

Evolution of the Cybermen

MOst of the displays you see about the Cybermen contain pictures from the various episodes they were in. Bob Canada does a really neat job of displaying them in cartoon form.

Evolution Of The Cybermen

Bob Canada's Blog World

Doctor Who Can Be Anything...

And Today's It's D&D

I remember playing D&D - from that white box and the three little pamphlets. Okay, I just dated myself. But one of the most important things in the game was the alignment chart. Once you picked an alignment, you had to stay with it no matter what.

So you think these characters represent these nine alignments?

S-DW alignment chart

26 December 2012

Scooby Gang-Doctor Who style

Found this while cruising around and it reminded me how Doctor Who companions are sometimes compared the Scooby Gang.

One from my library with no clue where it came from.

A few more under the cut...

25 December 2012

Happy SoltiChristmahanakwanzika

TARDIS Christmas

I'm taking a few days off to visit my girlfriend. Although I'll have an internet connection, I'm going to be a little too busy to write.

I'll be be back with most analysis around New Years. I'm off for two weeks so I have to do something...

24 December 2012

The Doctor Who RPG

College Humor does Doctor Who

Here's a little video created by those nice people at College Humor.

Enjoy the Christmas Special tomorrow...

23 December 2012

Are They Really A Companion?

The discussion will never be settled. Everyone will have their own unique list. I do for these analyses.

Before I started constructing the dataset I took a look around the internet for some other views on who was, and was not, a companion. I didn't know what I was letting myself in for. It's not just that there are plethora of answers. That was to be expected. What startled me was the ferocity at which there people defended their ideas. It almost harkened on being hostile to someone who disagreed with them.

I can't say that I found two lists that were the same.

Some Really Heavy Discussion About The Subject

If you want to read just how adament some people are, take a look at these discussion from TARDIS.wiki. BY the time I got through the majority of them I was so utterly confused about how to classify a companion I just gave up and created my own list. A list which was far, far simpler and much easier to maintain.

Disputed Companions

UNIT really aren't companions!

Who counts as a companion?

My final definitions came down to three categories. The full description is rather long and can be read HERE. Short and sweet. I needed that because the analysis was going to take up a fair chunk of the time. There a rather large article on it on Wikipedia. And just goggling it will present you with more articles than you'd rather read.

It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree with my categorizations, you probably will have some differing opinions. But I do hope you enjoy the actual analysis (if you like that sort of number thing).

22 December 2012

Steven-Companion Analysis

StevenSteven, the replacement action-man after Ian left. William Hartnell, an older actor and not in the prime of his life, gave the showrunners a reason to have someone to do the heavy lifting and fight scenes.

Peter Purves felt that Steven's character was fine when it was being developed and written by Spooner. Unfortunately Spooner left the show and handed over the story editing duties to Donald Tosh. The first story of the third season, Galaxy 4, Peter felt it started to go wrong. (David Howe & Mark Stammers, 1995, Doctor Who Companion Book)

The script, written for Barbara's character, had many of the scenes and lines that had to be adapted for Steven's character. Yeah, it started to go wrong here.

21 December 2012

Variations on a Theme

The Analysis of Steven is taking a bit longer than expected. I need another day to go over the results.

So I'm putting up an interesting piece of music for you. Cause I love when people do interesting stuff to the Doctor Who theme.

Here's an 8-bit style version done in the old Mario Paint program. Even with the crude sounds there no mistaking that iconic song.

20 December 2012

Thoughts on Nu vs. Classic Who

The Old Days

<< In the beginning (around 1975)... >>

Being an American it was tough being a Doctor Who fan in the 70s, 80s, and beyond. If you mentioned it you either had to explain it to your unknowing friends or, if they did know about it, take the disdain as they belittled you about it. But I never let that deter me and I continued to watch it whenever I could find it on my PBS station.

Originally I saw two episodes a week on Saturday morning. So you'd have to wait a week to see the conclusion. Of course when the occasional six parter came along you had to wait three weeks. Not quite the same as the original British once a week showing but it still came in smaller chunks than today.

Later, they moved the show to the early evening and showed one episode a night on weekdays. A story unfolded over the course of a few days and sometimes you actually had to wait until the following Monday to see the conclusion of a story. This trend continued on into early 1990s until they decided to quite importing the show. Sad...

19 December 2012

Next Time trailers for Classic Who

We've al gotten used to those wonderful Next Time trailers for upcoming stories. They did promote the Classic episodes but not nearly as well. There have been some enterprising vidders who have put together Next Time trailers for many of the Classic era stories. I have collected all of the Season One trailers for your enjoyment.

An Unearthly Child

More Next Time trailers under the cut

18 December 2012

TARDIS iPhone Wallpaper

S-tardis wallpaper

Here's a wonderful iPhone lock screen picture I just installed it on mine. Thought you might like a look.

Full size image under the cut. Link to the deviant art page below.

Deviant artist : inkydanna

The Doctor's Girls-Vicki-Companion Analysis

Doctor's Girls banner

Art by mimi-na on Deviant Art

VickiVicki started out life as a Susan Replacement. A time when The Doctor was still learning to be the Doctor and he still needed someone to look after. Vicki's advantage was not being the Doctor's granddaughter. The  Problem of Susan seemed to be alleviated.

The Problem of Susan : The fact that, as a fifteen-year-old girl, she [Susan] is sexualized, but the show is unable to give any useful outlet for that sexuality as long as she is similarly linked to the Doctor. Later companions will be sexualized in terms of the TARDIS crew, but that option is not available to Susan. This, among many other things, will eventually make Susan untenable as a companion, albeit by far the most interesting failure the show has ever produced. (Sandifer, TARDIS Eruditorum).

And if you look up perky in the dictionary, you'd probably find her picture.

17 December 2012

Trivia Question

In the televised episodes, name all the episodes where the Doctor traveled with only a male companion...

And this doesn't count any time that the female companion left a story for a short while and was not on the TARDIS when it moved. We're talking full on adventures with only a male companion.

16 December 2012

Who Created Doctor Who?

When I speak to people about analyzing the networks of Doctor Who, the first thing that comes to mind is how the various characters of the show interact. But I'm finding there's another network that possibly even more significant. It has to do with the roles of the people who created and produced the show.

This will take a look at the people from the first decade of the show. This will cover the production crew which helped mold the characters, and the show, for future incarnations.

15 December 2012

Trivia Question

In what episode did the name John Smith first pop up? Not the first episode the Doctor used the name but the first time someone mentioned the name.

Companion Infographic

Doctor's Companions Poster Header

Another one of those really, really long infographic posters all about the Doctor's Companions. Decent pictures with a little information about each companion.

But really, couldn't they have found a better picture of Matt Smith?

Although I'm still trying to figure out some of the connection lines. It almost looks like there's a connection between Jamie McCrimmon and the Tenth Doctor.

Did I mention it was really long?

14 December 2012

It Never Ends...

miltonThis project has been a dream of mine for over a year now. That's about how long it took to get the dataset into shape. And I wanted to be sure things were in order before I started. But as we know, the people running Doctor Who can always pop up a surprise that could mean some major renovations.

Every time they re-introduce a character or race from the Classic series that means there a potential that I would have to go back to a season or three and re-run the analysis. The re-introduction of the Silurians has become a very strong bond between Nu- and Classic Who.

There's talk about them bringing back the Ice Warriors. The ramifications of that would echo all the say back to the season 5 story, The Ice Warrior and rippler seasons 6, 8, 9, and 11. And every character connected to any of those stories might need to be re-run. Not an absolute, but maybe.

And I knew this going into this project. Things can change at a moments notice. At times, it's totally unlike the projects I see at work and at other times, it's a reflection of things to come. But... Those are the type of connections that continually pull the entire network in a tightly-knit ball.

Most of the datasets I had created earlier were smaller and totally self contained. All the data was present and it wasn't going to change. So once the networks were created, the only change would be if I decided something wasn't quite right. But Doctor Who is a still evolving story with a long history. Which means we never quite know what they'll dreg up from the past.

If one of the previous analysis needs to be redone, I will change the page with the original analysis. I'd prefer not to leave errant information on the blog. I will post a correction notice with a link back to the page.

If anyone has any questions about the work here, please don't hesitate to ask. I enjoy speaking to people about this project. After all, the Doctor can turn into an obsession.

So thank you for your interest in the subject and I hope  it doesn't disappoint.

Doctor Venn

It's amazing what you can do with charts. Especially when you custom tailor them to a particular item.

Here's an interesting take on a Venn Diagram, by H Caldwell Tanner, which is an embodiment of the Eleventh Doctor.

DW Venn Diagram-BowTie

Barbara and Ian-Companion Analysis

Barbara and IanThese two will always be known as the man who always wore a clean tie and the woman with the perfectly styled hair.

I think fondly of these first two human Companions, our first eyes into the TARDIS and time travel. The rocky road they tread attempting to find their groove.

Ian is the character I'd love to see come back during the 50th anniversaryA grand callback to the past.

13 December 2012

What Are You Doing Here?

A wonderful video compilation of all the people asking the question, "What you doing here?". Okay, sometimes it's slightly different, but it's still the same question.

Many people wold love to see an update. But I understand how much work something like that is. I would love to update my sonic screwdriver vid but it's difficult to find the time. Especially with so many other projects in the works.

One day, I should go back to it. Yes, I'll go back to. But that day isn't today.

12 December 2012

TARDIS Explanation

This is one of my favorite scenes from the Four/Leela period. It's also one of the best explanations of how the TARDIS is actually Bigger on the Inside.

This is one of the main reasons that the Doctor needs Companions. They give him the arena to explain things no only to them, but to the audience at home.

explain tardis-1explain tardis-2

explain tardis-3explain tardis-4

explain tardis-5explain tardis-6

explain tardis-7explain tardis-8

GIFs courtesy of doctorwhogifs on tumblr

11 December 2012

A Case For The Wobbly Set

Classic Doctor Who gets criticized for it's bad acting and poor special effects. But the biggest complaint I hear is it has wobbly sets. Well I grew up during that period and I will say two things. 1) Doctor Who wasn't the only show to have these problems and 2) They weren't as bad as people make them out to be.

10 December 2012

The Gallifreyian Army Knife

Ever wonder about all the uses of the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver? Like exactly how many doors he's opened or how many things he's scanned.

A few years back I created a vid that attempted to mark every use of the Doctor's screwdriver. It was an effort that, quite literally, wore me out creating it. But I did finish it. It ends with the Eleventh Doctor's story, A Christmas Carol. If you like, you can watch the vid below. The vid is 7 minutes and 52 seconds long. What! There were a lot of uses...

09 December 2012

The Doctor's Girls-Susan-Companion Analysis

Doctor's Girls by mimi-na on Deviant Art

Art by mimi-na on Deviant Art

I think this has to be my favorite picture depicting the Doctor's Companions. Everyone should tell the artist what a great job they did...

Note For The First Entry In "The Doctor's Girls" Series

This blog will not talk about the aspects of the characters. That subject is better covered many other blogs. Don't need to cover that ground again. I intend to discuss the network connections for each companion during their tenure with the Doctor. Plus it gives me a chance to post some pretty pictures of the networks created in the process. I will also be covering the Doctors.

SusanThe first analysis is Susan, originally conceived as the Audience ID character. The person whose eyes you looked through. I always thought her unearthliness too strange to be the audience ID character. Barbara & Ian were a better fit, ordinary, like people who watch the show.

As the showrunners were just getting their feet wet with the series, we'll cut them some slack.

One another note, compare Susan's and Rose's entrances and introductions as the first female companion in both Classic and Nu Who.

08 December 2012

Trivia Question

By now, most people have seen the wonderful dinosaurs in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Also, most people know about the not-so wonderful dinosaurs from Invasion of the Dinosaurs.

The question is: What was the third Doctor Who story to have a dinosaur?

Basic Terminology

There are lots of terms used in Social Network Analysis. Just ask the people at Facebook. Yes, they are one of the largest players in the Network Analysis game. They analyze everything you do in order to figure out how to make money from a free service. Wonderful how that works, isn't it.

NOTE : A Glossary page has been added. Whenever new terms are introduced the new definitions will also be added there.

07 December 2012

Other Time Lords-Mister Peabody

Not sure how many of you remember Peabody and Sherman. Peabody was the inventor of the original TARDIS, the WABAC machine back in the 1950s. Obviously it was an early model and could only go into the past. The WABAC machine was build to keep his Sherman, his boy entertained.

First A Little History

I know I watched Peabody and Sherman in the 1960s. Can't say if I remember it all the way back to the 1950s. That's stretching it a bit. But unlike the Doctor, Mister Peabody was more concerned with correcting history which had gone wrong. Hmm, wasn't that the same concept form the TV show The Voyagers? It's said that if you're going to steal, steal from the best - but that's another entry.

06 December 2012

The First Doctor Who Christmas Episode

Currently there's lots of talk about the upcoming Christmas Special. Everyone is excited, including myself. The excitement has been building for the past two months. Ever since The Angels Take Manahattan aired half of everything you read in the blogs has been about the Christmas special.

But did you know that the tradition of a Christmas episode started way, way back in the 1960s? Yes, celebrating Christmas has its roots back in the beginning of Classic Who. Not as grandiose as it is today, but nevertheless, it was celebrated.

05 December 2012

The Broadcast History of Doctor Who

Another one of the projects in the works is to map out all the countries which have shown Doctor Who since its beginnings. Currently I have this map. There are also time lapse maps which I will put together into a video to display for a timeline view. Next is the collection of the data for the countries which started broadcasting it in the 21st century.


I'm hoping this one won't take too long. The graphics are simple. It's the video which will take a little time to produce. It will ping off the countries in order of their broadcasting the program with any interesting information dug up along the way.

Network Posters

Doctor Who poster

When the poster was created for the conference, it included all the doctors and companions in one large network. That type of network is fine for certain types of analysis. But what we want to do eventually is look at how each of the seasons of the Doctors compare to each other. The following graphic displays the friends network broken down per season.

Doctor Who Social Network et. al

NOTE : Since this graphic was produced there have been slight alterations to the network. Nothing major that will affect the following discussion. But at some point the graphic will need to be updated also.

Depending on exactly what is being discussed will dictate the style for the network image.

04 December 2012

Network Basics-The Videos

I'm not going to lie to you and say this Network Analysis is a piece of cake to understand. It isn't. I've been involved with it for seven years and there are still things that totally befuddle me. It might just be too difficult to grasp - or it might be because my degree is in illustration/graphic design, not mathematics. Yeah, that's probably the reason.

My job at the department is to write the documentation for the analysis program. Yes, I have to know how the program runs. No, I don't have to know how it's doing it.

So here are a few short videos which, in actually, explain things fairly well... and with a bit of humour. It won't be a complete overview of the process, but it will give a good basic understanding of the science.

03 December 2012

Companions-Lite-Genesis of the One-Off

Most people, when they hear the term One-Off Companion, usually think of the various female assistants the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor's worked with in the various Christmas specials. And so far, the only one of those to have reappeared has been Donna Noble.

But the Christmas specials were far from the start of this trend. No, it had its roots deep in the history of the Doctor...

02 December 2012

The (Attempted) Schedule for this Blog

As of now, this blog has had no structure as to when things might be posted. I've known that since the start but wanted to get it up and running. I'd also like to make more in-depth essays instead of the short, but sweet, odds and ends.

To that end I've decided to make Monday the day to put up any major pieces of writing. These will include the longer explanations dealing with the future analysis portions of the project.

At present the rest of the week will consist of other shorter pieces which can literally be written in a night or two (can't be a day or two as that's when I have to work).

The longer period in-between longer essays will allow me to research them better so I don't put up erroneous data (or worse, make myself sound like a fool). And also, sometimes the actual analysis tends to take longer than expected with the occasional false start or three.

I have just inserted my Reference page with where this information had been retrieved. It's not complete yet, there's quite a few I have to dig out of the notes.

ETA : I think I've settled on a schedule of two articles a week, Mondays and Thursday. With my real life work schedule that is probably an attainable goal.

Infographics (Yeah, I Know)

People that know me, know I generally dislike infographics. They are designed for little more than a Look at me! Look at Me! all the while giving us very little in the way of in-depth information.


That said, I'll still post them on this site, occasionally, when I find some well done ones. Here's one from PoliceBox. It's still a little light on information but again, it's an infographic...

And sorry I can't find the link to the larger version. Clicking on the image on the web site only finds a small thumbnail. Oops...

The full image is behind the cut. Well, at least the shrunken image at least...

01 December 2012

Network Terminology : The Basics

Seeing that this blog will contain posts about the Doctor's friend network (among other statistical analysis) I think I should put down some of the terminology that I'll be using. A lot of it will be strange to most people. It certainly was to me when I first started the job. I will not be going into the extremes of the notation, but rather making sure the important items are explained in understandable terms.

Many of these beginning posts will contain this type of basic knowledge necessary to help understand when the fun stuff begins appearing.

But stay with it as it gets easier as it goes on and it will certainly help in the understanding of some of the principals used. This is the short explanation...

NGram View For Tardis

Google provides an interesting service called Ngram Viewer. When you enter phrases into the Google Books Ngram Viewer, it displays a graph showing how those phrases have occurred in a corpus of books (e.g., "British English", "English Fiction", "French") over the selected years.

I decided to check on a few Doctor Who ngrams


Seems like the Doctor was quite busy in the early 1800s...

29 November 2012

Non-Doctor Who Post

No writing today. Got invited to be the +1 on a ticket to go see Shatner's World starring William Shatner, The Shat.

In Shatner’s World… a one man force of nature delivers a spectacular performance complete with his laugh-out-loud humor, signature storytelling, and musical selections in his inimitable style.

Through anecdotes, songs, jokes and even some poignant moments, you will experience William Shatner’s phenomenal path from classically trained Shakespearean actor to cultural icon, brilliantly creating the larger-than-life and most important character he has ever played, William Shatner.

I will definitely be in a mood to write tomorrow...

28 November 2012

My First Doctor Who T-Shirt

It took a while but I found one picture of that original Doctor Who t-shirt. The picture is about 25 years old. I'm guessing 1986/87 Nearly all the Doctor Who merchandise at that time was slanted toward Tom Baker.

Yeah, it looks a bit fuzzy as I had to shot the picture with my iPhone cause my scanner doesn't work with my laptop. And seems like it never will. But that's another story.

My DW t-shirt

This is a picture of another time, and a lot more hair...

DoctorWhoTV poll

Doctor Who TV did a poll asking readers, Who was your first Doctor? And the results are in

11. Colin Baker With 0.49% of the overall vote.

10. Patrick Troughton With 1.31% of the overall vote.

9. Paul McGann With 1.6% of the overall vote.

8. Sylvester McCoy With 2.16% of the overall vote.

7. William Hartnell With 2.51% of the overall vote.

6. Peter Davison With 3.29% of the overall vote.

5. Jon Pertwee With 5.58% of the overall vote.

4. Matt Smith With 10.03% of the overall vote.

3. Tom Baker With 10.8% of the overall vote.

2. David Tennant With 21.68% of the overall vote.

1. Christopher Eccleston With 40.55% of the overall vote.

It's about how I expected it would go. It's the new series which is the driving force behind it all.

My second question would be, "How many of the 72.26% polled who started with the 9th, 10th, and 11th Doctors have actually gone back and watched any part of Classic Who?".

I'm just curious because all my friends who have gotten into watching Doctor Who have yet to see an episode of Classic Who. Okay, my girlfriend is the exception because she has to put up with mere. But she really did enjoy City of Death.

I am in the process of correcting that by creating a list of some of the better Classic episodes. But then again, there are a few people that steadfastly refuse to watch anything before the Ninth Doctor.

Great Quote from City of Death

There are some lines that just keep on giving long after the episode is over. This is perhaps my favorite one. And it's not even delivered by the Doctor. But Douglas Adams allowed everyone in his stories to have an equal chance at a memorable quote.


That's A Matter Of Opinion

For a project of this size and scope [the network analysis part] I can not rely on just my opinion on how the pieces of the puzzle should fit together. I knew was going to have to start reading a lot books and blogs from other Who enthusiasts. This, I figured, would give me a more well-rounded version to work with. But even though I would take in as much information from other sources the final viewpoint would be my own. Isn't that how all writing work anyway?

For most stories I have quite a lot of additional information for the dataset. But in some cases, I do not. And still at other times, nobody agrees with anyone else. Most of those disagreements center around the This is a great story as opposed to This story is rubbish type of argument And I can see valid points in both views. Ask people what they think of The Romans and you'll get a wide range of opinions.

My First Essay

We, myself and Jürgen, have just submitted our paper to Whotopia magazine. They have received it and it's now in review. Hopefully it will make the cut and appear in issue 25 of the magazine.

It's a short little essay, only 1,500 words so it's not a very deep paper. But seeing it's the first one I'm involved with I needed to start somewhere. And everyone involved thinks it went well. Even the proofreader who bleed all over it making sure the grammar was correct and all the commas that should have been there were re-inserted. It's nice to have a grammar-nazi for a friend.

27 November 2012

My Introduction To Doctor Who - Part 1

No introduction to Doctor Who could be contained in such a short entry. This will deal with my overall intro to Classic Doctor Who with other aspects done later on.

My introduction to Doctor Who came in 1976 when my local PBS station began running Tom Baker episodes on Saturday morning. A friend of mine told me that this was definitely something I needed to see.

Q & A - Human Looking Companions

Question : Why did the Doctor take nothing but human looking companions in Classic Who?

SensoriteAnswer : Back, when the show started, it would have been too expensive and difficult to create a good looking alien for a companion each week.

Besides, would you really have wanted the Doctor to be hanging around with someone who looked like a Sensorite?

Two Old Men With A Naming Problem

The First Doctor and Walter Bishop from Fringe have a connection. A quite interesting connection at that. It's not that both are older actors in main roles, it's better than that.

Every time I watch Fringe and hear Walter call Astrid by some name other than Astrid I think back to the First Doctor, William Hartnell. That Doctor's habit was to constantly call Ian Chesterton by the wrong name.

It was usually something like Chesserman, Chatterton, Chesterfield, Chesterman...

Originally this came about with Hartnell having trouble remembering all the dialogue and occasionally spouting out the wrong name. They turned this into a running gag and the First Doctor would almost always get Ian's name wrong.

Of course, this type of joke has been taken to an extreme on Fringe with Walter's inability to remember Astrid's name with errors like Asterisk, Astro, Asteroid, Astringent, Asprin, Ashram, Ostrich, Claire, Athos, Alex, Afro, Agnes.

Funny thing is, Walter doesn't seem to have a problem with name of anybody else.

You wonder if this homage to Doctor Who was on purpose or not?

26 November 2012

Companion Definitions

For an understanding of much of the future discussions on this blog I need to give my definitions for some of the material. Today, is the definition of what I consider a companion. And remember - your mileage may vary...

Monday Morning... Again

I figure that since I, and many of you, have to be back at work on Monday I should find something humourous. Something to entertain us. I'll start out slow, as I'm not sure where this is heading, with one of my favorite Venn-Diagrams.

Doctor Who Venn Diagram

25 November 2012

An Example of The Doctor's Network


To give you an example of what we do here, I should show you what we've done before. This was one of the wallpapers I designed after completing the first draft of the Doctor's Friends Network. The basic thing this shows is that no matter how much the Doctor's network grows, it generally maintains the shape of a Timey-Wimey Ball. So much is interconnected, even after 49 years.

We have proceeded on to fine-tune the network. Some characters we missed have been added. Others were removed from the network as being not important enough to the network. But most of all we are fixing/altering the categories each of the friends is in. And yes, I will be posting said list in the future.

The right clique is the 26 years of Classic Who. The bottom left clique is the Russell T. Davis era. The upper left clique is the Steven Moffat era. Yes, it's all pretty connected through and through.

I hope to have an updated graph of this after the series 7 final and definitely want to get it posted well before the 50th anniversary.

When This Thing Started...

Photobucket When I set out to do this project I began looking for material. The source I ran into the most was the very comprehensive set of books by Tat Wood & Lawrence Miles, About Time.

In its six volumes there could be found more complied knowledge about the entire run of the Classic series. Sounded like just what I needed. So I decided to purchase the first one and take a look for myself.

I read through the entries for An Unearthly Child and The Daleks and found that it not only contained a good synopsis of the episodes but also gave quite a bit more background than many other sources. So I went back and ordered the other five volumes.

But one of the main reasons I found these books so helpful was the amount of material that was contained concerning the companions. The companions were the subject of the first short essay we [myself and my partner in crime, Jürgen] were writing. First we discussed the nature of the Doctor's Friends Network and how it has grown through the years and secondly how the age of the primary female companion has been a nearly constant age

They won't be a straight read through. No, there's just too much there for that. Instead it's more of a skim through certain sections when I know something I'm looking for. So with these books in hand, along with what I already had in my library, I set about fine-tuning my dataset.

There will be more on the construction of actual dataset and what it contains and about how it was constructed. In the beginning there was a whole lot of pain dealing with getting the data into a viable format. That's the primary entry point where Jürgen entered the picture. But I'm getting ahead of myself

This will all be dealt with in a later post.

24 November 2012

A Fresh Start

The old Mashup blog is no more so I decided to reclaim this space for a more current project. I apologize to anyone who was still visiting the old blog.

This space will now be the home of a project that has been going on for a few months. At this point I thought it might be a good idea to give it a new home. I have be dabbling with doing Network Analysis at work and wanted to see how if could be applied to the data I've collected for Doctor Who.

The first posts will consist of what has gone before. Then it will proceed to chronicle future progress on the project.

Right now I don't have a set schedule for postings. I guess that will slowly be worked out as time goes on and will depend on my work schedule, as well as how quickly I can put the information down in a cohesive manner. It will be more than a weekly posting but probably not a daily one. I did that before and found I was fiddling with the blog posts more than I was with the actual material.