29 November 2012

Non-Doctor Who Post

No writing today. Got invited to be the +1 on a ticket to go see Shatner's World starring William Shatner, The Shat.

In Shatner’s World… a one man force of nature delivers a spectacular performance complete with his laugh-out-loud humor, signature storytelling, and musical selections in his inimitable style.

Through anecdotes, songs, jokes and even some poignant moments, you will experience William Shatner’s phenomenal path from classically trained Shakespearean actor to cultural icon, brilliantly creating the larger-than-life and most important character he has ever played, William Shatner.

I will definitely be in a mood to write tomorrow...

28 November 2012

My First Doctor Who T-Shirt

It took a while but I found one picture of that original Doctor Who t-shirt. The picture is about 25 years old. I'm guessing 1986/87 Nearly all the Doctor Who merchandise at that time was slanted toward Tom Baker.

Yeah, it looks a bit fuzzy as I had to shot the picture with my iPhone cause my scanner doesn't work with my laptop. And seems like it never will. But that's another story.

My DW t-shirt

This is a picture of another time, and a lot more hair...

DoctorWhoTV poll

Doctor Who TV did a poll asking readers, Who was your first Doctor? And the results are in

11. Colin Baker With 0.49% of the overall vote.

10. Patrick Troughton With 1.31% of the overall vote.

9. Paul McGann With 1.6% of the overall vote.

8. Sylvester McCoy With 2.16% of the overall vote.

7. William Hartnell With 2.51% of the overall vote.

6. Peter Davison With 3.29% of the overall vote.

5. Jon Pertwee With 5.58% of the overall vote.

4. Matt Smith With 10.03% of the overall vote.

3. Tom Baker With 10.8% of the overall vote.

2. David Tennant With 21.68% of the overall vote.

1. Christopher Eccleston With 40.55% of the overall vote.

It's about how I expected it would go. It's the new series which is the driving force behind it all.

My second question would be, "How many of the 72.26% polled who started with the 9th, 10th, and 11th Doctors have actually gone back and watched any part of Classic Who?".

I'm just curious because all my friends who have gotten into watching Doctor Who have yet to see an episode of Classic Who. Okay, my girlfriend is the exception because she has to put up with mere. But she really did enjoy City of Death.

I am in the process of correcting that by creating a list of some of the better Classic episodes. But then again, there are a few people that steadfastly refuse to watch anything before the Ninth Doctor.

Great Quote from City of Death

There are some lines that just keep on giving long after the episode is over. This is perhaps my favorite one. And it's not even delivered by the Doctor. But Douglas Adams allowed everyone in his stories to have an equal chance at a memorable quote.


That's A Matter Of Opinion

For a project of this size and scope [the network analysis part] I can not rely on just my opinion on how the pieces of the puzzle should fit together. I knew was going to have to start reading a lot books and blogs from other Who enthusiasts. This, I figured, would give me a more well-rounded version to work with. But even though I would take in as much information from other sources the final viewpoint would be my own. Isn't that how all writing work anyway?

For most stories I have quite a lot of additional information for the dataset. But in some cases, I do not. And still at other times, nobody agrees with anyone else. Most of those disagreements center around the This is a great story as opposed to This story is rubbish type of argument And I can see valid points in both views. Ask people what they think of The Romans and you'll get a wide range of opinions.

My First Essay

We, myself and Jürgen, have just submitted our paper to Whotopia magazine. They have received it and it's now in review. Hopefully it will make the cut and appear in issue 25 of the magazine.

It's a short little essay, only 1,500 words so it's not a very deep paper. But seeing it's the first one I'm involved with I needed to start somewhere. And everyone involved thinks it went well. Even the proofreader who bleed all over it making sure the grammar was correct and all the commas that should have been there were re-inserted. It's nice to have a grammar-nazi for a friend.

27 November 2012

My Introduction To Doctor Who - Part 1

No introduction to Doctor Who could be contained in such a short entry. This will deal with my overall intro to Classic Doctor Who with other aspects done later on.

My introduction to Doctor Who came in 1976 when my local PBS station began running Tom Baker episodes on Saturday morning. A friend of mine told me that this was definitely something I needed to see.

Q & A - Human Looking Companions

Question : Why did the Doctor take nothing but human looking companions in Classic Who?

SensoriteAnswer : Back, when the show started, it would have been too expensive and difficult to create a good looking alien for a companion each week.

Besides, would you really have wanted the Doctor to be hanging around with someone who looked like a Sensorite?

Two Old Men With A Naming Problem

The First Doctor and Walter Bishop from Fringe have a connection. A quite interesting connection at that. It's not that both are older actors in main roles, it's better than that.

Every time I watch Fringe and hear Walter call Astrid by some name other than Astrid I think back to the First Doctor, William Hartnell. That Doctor's habit was to constantly call Ian Chesterton by the wrong name.

It was usually something like Chesserman, Chatterton, Chesterfield, Chesterman...

Originally this came about with Hartnell having trouble remembering all the dialogue and occasionally spouting out the wrong name. They turned this into a running gag and the First Doctor would almost always get Ian's name wrong.

Of course, this type of joke has been taken to an extreme on Fringe with Walter's inability to remember Astrid's name with errors like Asterisk, Astro, Asteroid, Astringent, Asprin, Ashram, Ostrich, Claire, Athos, Alex, Afro, Agnes.

Funny thing is, Walter doesn't seem to have a problem with name of anybody else.

You wonder if this homage to Doctor Who was on purpose or not?

26 November 2012

Companion Definitions

For an understanding of much of the future discussions on this blog I need to give my definitions for some of the material. Today, is the definition of what I consider a companion. And remember - your mileage may vary...

Monday Morning... Again

I figure that since I, and many of you, have to be back at work on Monday I should find something humourous. Something to entertain us. I'll start out slow, as I'm not sure where this is heading, with one of my favorite Venn-Diagrams.

Doctor Who Venn Diagram

25 November 2012

An Example of The Doctor's Network


To give you an example of what we do here, I should show you what we've done before. This was one of the wallpapers I designed after completing the first draft of the Doctor's Friends Network. The basic thing this shows is that no matter how much the Doctor's network grows, it generally maintains the shape of a Timey-Wimey Ball. So much is interconnected, even after 49 years.

We have proceeded on to fine-tune the network. Some characters we missed have been added. Others were removed from the network as being not important enough to the network. But most of all we are fixing/altering the categories each of the friends is in. And yes, I will be posting said list in the future.

The right clique is the 26 years of Classic Who. The bottom left clique is the Russell T. Davis era. The upper left clique is the Steven Moffat era. Yes, it's all pretty connected through and through.

I hope to have an updated graph of this after the series 7 final and definitely want to get it posted well before the 50th anniversary.

When This Thing Started...

Photobucket When I set out to do this project I began looking for material. The source I ran into the most was the very comprehensive set of books by Tat Wood & Lawrence Miles, About Time.

In its six volumes there could be found more complied knowledge about the entire run of the Classic series. Sounded like just what I needed. So I decided to purchase the first one and take a look for myself.

I read through the entries for An Unearthly Child and The Daleks and found that it not only contained a good synopsis of the episodes but also gave quite a bit more background than many other sources. So I went back and ordered the other five volumes.

But one of the main reasons I found these books so helpful was the amount of material that was contained concerning the companions. The companions were the subject of the first short essay we [myself and my partner in crime, Jürgen] were writing. First we discussed the nature of the Doctor's Friends Network and how it has grown through the years and secondly how the age of the primary female companion has been a nearly constant age

They won't be a straight read through. No, there's just too much there for that. Instead it's more of a skim through certain sections when I know something I'm looking for. So with these books in hand, along with what I already had in my library, I set about fine-tuning my dataset.

There will be more on the construction of actual dataset and what it contains and about how it was constructed. In the beginning there was a whole lot of pain dealing with getting the data into a viable format. That's the primary entry point where Jürgen entered the picture. But I'm getting ahead of myself

This will all be dealt with in a later post.

24 November 2012

A Fresh Start

The old Mashup blog is no more so I decided to reclaim this space for a more current project. I apologize to anyone who was still visiting the old blog.

This space will now be the home of a project that has been going on for a few months. At this point I thought it might be a good idea to give it a new home. I have be dabbling with doing Network Analysis at work and wanted to see how if could be applied to the data I've collected for Doctor Who.

The first posts will consist of what has gone before. Then it will proceed to chronicle future progress on the project.

Right now I don't have a set schedule for postings. I guess that will slowly be worked out as time goes on and will depend on my work schedule, as well as how quickly I can put the information down in a cohesive manner. It will be more than a weekly posting but probably not a daily one. I did that before and found I was fiddling with the blog posts more than I was with the actual material.