25 November 2012

An Example of The Doctor's Network


To give you an example of what we do here, I should show you what we've done before. This was one of the wallpapers I designed after completing the first draft of the Doctor's Friends Network. The basic thing this shows is that no matter how much the Doctor's network grows, it generally maintains the shape of a Timey-Wimey Ball. So much is interconnected, even after 49 years.

We have proceeded on to fine-tune the network. Some characters we missed have been added. Others were removed from the network as being not important enough to the network. But most of all we are fixing/altering the categories each of the friends is in. And yes, I will be posting said list in the future.

The right clique is the 26 years of Classic Who. The bottom left clique is the Russell T. Davis era. The upper left clique is the Steven Moffat era. Yes, it's all pretty connected through and through.

I hope to have an updated graph of this after the series 7 final and definitely want to get it posted well before the 50th anniversary.

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