25 November 2012

When This Thing Started...

Photobucket When I set out to do this project I began looking for material. The source I ran into the most was the very comprehensive set of books by Tat Wood & Lawrence Miles, About Time.

In its six volumes there could be found more complied knowledge about the entire run of the Classic series. Sounded like just what I needed. So I decided to purchase the first one and take a look for myself.

I read through the entries for An Unearthly Child and The Daleks and found that it not only contained a good synopsis of the episodes but also gave quite a bit more background than many other sources. So I went back and ordered the other five volumes.

But one of the main reasons I found these books so helpful was the amount of material that was contained concerning the companions. The companions were the subject of the first short essay we [myself and my partner in crime, Jürgen] were writing. First we discussed the nature of the Doctor's Friends Network and how it has grown through the years and secondly how the age of the primary female companion has been a nearly constant age

They won't be a straight read through. No, there's just too much there for that. Instead it's more of a skim through certain sections when I know something I'm looking for. So with these books in hand, along with what I already had in my library, I set about fine-tuning my dataset.

There will be more on the construction of actual dataset and what it contains and about how it was constructed. In the beginning there was a whole lot of pain dealing with getting the data into a viable format. That's the primary entry point where Jürgen entered the picture. But I'm getting ahead of myself

This will all be dealt with in a later post.

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