27 December 2012

Doctor Who Can Be Anything...

And Today's It's D&D

I remember playing D&D - from that white box and the three little pamphlets. Okay, I just dated myself. But one of the most important things in the game was the alignment chart. Once you picked an alignment, you had to stay with it no matter what.

So you think these characters represent these nine alignments?

S-DW alignment chart


Found on The Nine Alignments Of Doctor Who

Then I found a second one using only the Doctors:

Doctor Alignment Chart-2

Found on Tumblr


  1. Having played 3rd ed. D&D the Evil alignment to me was always explained as selfish vs selfless for Good. In other words, being vicious or self-serving is Evil because it's selfish; being self-sacrificing or willing to lend a hand is Good because it's at least partly selfless, thus, heroic. Neutral on that axis is neither of these things - it's where most people would sit; certainly no saint, but capable of kindness, selfish but not necessarily towards everyone. Neither a hardcore hero or a sociopath or psychopath - simply an imperfect person who has the potential for both niceness and cruelty in them.

    The Chaos/Law axis was always explained to me as how much you like or don't like Order; a Lawful alignment is extremely, Capital O, Order-loving, believing that there is roughly a single right way to do things, everything in its place (this is why Paladins used to be required to be Lawful - it was modeled on knights from religious orders!); a Chaotic alignment meant an appreciation for freedom and choice and spontaneity; and Neutral was somewhere in between the two extremes. Fewer people in the real world would sit in the middle on this axis compared to the Good/Evil axis I think, but still quite a few would - many of us have impulsive moments, but most of us like some sort of order as well.

    By this logic, the top row there... well. The Doctor is a character just complex enough, and just emotional enough, that in terms of the Good/Evil axis, he might drive DMs nuts alignment-wise, but seeing as he's basically hell, let's just call him Gestalt Bard//Rogue with Divine Ranks and be done with it, eh? - I think most DMs wouldn't care. Chaotic though? Hell yes. We're talking about the character who STOLE his main mode of transportation on a whim, simply to get off-planet from the sounds of it... because he was bored! And then repeatedly refuses to not interfere with things when he feels like it. He takes on and occasionally discards friends like most people might collect DVDs, and he'll go anywhere, do anything, that perks up his curiosity. If that's not Chaotic, then I don't know what is. ;)

    However, fun fact: I thought about it, and have come to the conclusion that most of the series' most iconic villains are villains BECAUSE they are Lawful!

    Sontarans - feel the only way is the warrior way, conquer, conquer, conquer. Lawful Evil!

    Cybermen: Lawful Neutral or Lawful Evil, take your pick. THEY feel that they are "helping" or "improving" those they "upgrade"... but they also feel the only perfection is Cyber perfection, and that emotions get in the way of machine-precise logic. Join the collective or die? Lawful to the hilt!

    But Daleks... oh man. Ferocious and a tad impatient though they may sometimes be, I still feel they are Lawful Evil. They believe the only perfect being is a Dalek, and thus everything else needs to be wiped out. Their way or the highway. Oh wait, they'll Exterminate you before you get to the exit ramp... you kidding me? Daleks LIVE for absolutes. Even when they get impatient, it's because things don't fit into their neat little worldviews ("WHAT IS THIS NOISE? EXPLAIN! EXPLAIIIIIIN!!!!"). Lawful Evil. Just... Lawful Evil, man. The very definition.

    In fact, if anything is Neutral Evil I would think it was the Angels. Yes, they've been psychotic in some episodes, opportunistic and occasionally vicious on a whim, but they're most of all just cold, calculating predators. I think they're one of the few Monsters that qualifies as Neutral Evil in Who.

    Seriously though, the series has hated Authoritarians for years - even ignoring the snobby Time Lords, there's the Happiness Patrol as a fantastic example.

    Seems to me the series itself is firmly on the Neutral or Chaotic Good alignment. ;)

  2. But the real question is, is the neutral evil in that first picture referring to the Dalek or to Moffat? Lol :)