14 December 2012

It Never Ends...

miltonThis project has been a dream of mine for over a year now. That's about how long it took to get the dataset into shape. And I wanted to be sure things were in order before I started. But as we know, the people running Doctor Who can always pop up a surprise that could mean some major renovations.

Every time they re-introduce a character or race from the Classic series that means there a potential that I would have to go back to a season or three and re-run the analysis. The re-introduction of the Silurians has become a very strong bond between Nu- and Classic Who.

There's talk about them bringing back the Ice Warriors. The ramifications of that would echo all the say back to the season 5 story, The Ice Warrior and rippler seasons 6, 8, 9, and 11. And every character connected to any of those stories might need to be re-run. Not an absolute, but maybe.

And I knew this going into this project. Things can change at a moments notice. At times, it's totally unlike the projects I see at work and at other times, it's a reflection of things to come. But... Those are the type of connections that continually pull the entire network in a tightly-knit ball.

Most of the datasets I had created earlier were smaller and totally self contained. All the data was present and it wasn't going to change. So once the networks were created, the only change would be if I decided something wasn't quite right. But Doctor Who is a still evolving story with a long history. Which means we never quite know what they'll dreg up from the past.

If one of the previous analysis needs to be redone, I will change the page with the original analysis. I'd prefer not to leave errant information on the blog. I will post a correction notice with a link back to the page.

If anyone has any questions about the work here, please don't hesitate to ask. I enjoy speaking to people about this project. After all, the Doctor can turn into an obsession.

So thank you for your interest in the subject and I hope  it doesn't disappoint.

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