04 December 2012

Network Basics-The Videos

I'm not going to lie to you and say this Network Analysis is a piece of cake to understand. It isn't. I've been involved with it for seven years and there are still things that totally befuddle me. It might just be too difficult to grasp - or it might be because my degree is in illustration/graphic design, not mathematics. Yeah, that's probably the reason.

My job at the department is to write the documentation for the analysis program. Yes, I have to know how the program runs. No, I don't have to know how it's doing it.

So here are a few short videos which, in actually, explain things fairly well... and with a bit of humour. It won't be a complete overview of the process, but it will give a good basic understanding of the science.

Social Networking in Plain English

Network Analysis in 60 Seconds

Rookie's Guide to Network Science

If you watch on YouTube channel the playlist has three other videos in the series.

Network Analysis is an in-depth subject. But it's also one of the most interesting research projects I've ever been involved with. I will be creating, and displaying, many more networks and attempt to explain how the analysis properties pertain to Doctor Who.

I will be delving into the sonic screwdriver uses, how the production crew helped guide the course of the show, and many other avenues, as of yet, unexplored.

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