02 December 2012

The (Attempted) Schedule for this Blog

As of now, this blog has had no structure as to when things might be posted. I've known that since the start but wanted to get it up and running. I'd also like to make more in-depth essays instead of the short, but sweet, odds and ends.

To that end I've decided to make Monday the day to put up any major pieces of writing. These will include the longer explanations dealing with the future analysis portions of the project.

At present the rest of the week will consist of other shorter pieces which can literally be written in a night or two (can't be a day or two as that's when I have to work).

The longer period in-between longer essays will allow me to research them better so I don't put up erroneous data (or worse, make myself sound like a fool). And also, sometimes the actual analysis tends to take longer than expected with the occasional false start or three.

I have just inserted my Reference page with where this information had been retrieved. It's not complete yet, there's quite a few I have to dig out of the notes.

ETA : I think I've settled on a schedule of two articles a week, Mondays and Thursday. With my real life work schedule that is probably an attainable goal.

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