30 January 2013

A New Direction

After reviewing the result from those first analyses, I have determined that there isn't as much to be garnered from the type of analysis embarked on. Simply looking at a pure Character by Character network wasn't enough. To get to the heart of the matter, I need to look at other pieces of the stories. Skill Sets, Knowledge, and Resources available.

I updated the first season with new information and have done preliminary tests. Each of the stories from Hartnell's first season are different beasts. Some are condensed character pieces [An Unearthly Child and Edge of Destruction] to elaborate, roaming dramas [The Daleks and Marco Polo].

A new direction will be taken dealing more with the individual stories, how the characters relate to those stories, and how a group of stories bind together for a cohesive section of Doctor Who.

When working with any large dataset, there are times you trod down a path confident that you will find some amazing stuff. But there are other times that hit a dead-end and realize it's time to turn around and try another route. So it is with this project.

Again, I thank you for your patience. It is a work in progress and I made a wrong turn but have steered it back on course.

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