11 January 2013

Jamie-Companion Analysis

JamieJamie McCrimmon spent a considerable length of time as a Companion. The rumor of Jamie as a one-off character floated around. False. Filming for the next story [The Underwater Menace] had begun before the Highlanders finished airing and Jamie, the Companion, was slated to be in it. [Wood & Miles, 2006]

His addition to Team TARDIS set in motion the problem of two male Companions. This inevitably saw the departure of Ben [and subsequently Polly].

Originally either contemporary or future people accompanied the Doctor. No reason for the Doctor explain everything to them. After the aborted attempt with Katarina, they attempted another historical Companion. It went well. So well another historical Companion joined Jamie - Victoria Waterfield from Victorian England. Now the Doctor had two Companions from the past.

The networks have gotten a makeover after getting some advice from one of the project scientists. Hopefully this cleared up any confusion.

NOTE : After a review from one of the project scientists, we discovered a quirk in the importing of the data. Efforts are underway to correct the process and a revised analysis will be posted here.

Profile : Jamie

Jamie appeared in 20 stories [113 episodes]. He, along with Zoë, departed the show with the Second Doctor. Jamie, the longest running Companion of Doctor Who, got on famously with the Second Doctor and had some of the best banter around the TARDIS Console.

Jamie, a mid-18th century Highland Scot, travelled with the Second Doctor, Polly, Ben, Victoria and Zoë  He met the Brigadier, encounter the Sixth Doctor and his Companion Peri, and continued until the Doctor's exile by the Time Lords to Earth. The Time Lords wiped Jamie and Zoë s memories and  returned to Scotland and the Space Wheel, respectively. They retained the memory of their first adventure with the Doctor. If so, Jamie with the Second Doctor in The Two Doctors could pose a sticky question. Questions that this blog will not dwell upon.


Ben : [Companion] The War Machines
Polly : [Companion] The War Machines
Second Doctor : The Power of the Daleks
Ara : [Associate] The Underwater Menace
Atlantians : [Associate] The Underwater Menace
Samantha Briggs : [Companion-Lite] The Faceless Ones
Victoria : [Companion] The Evil of the Daleks
Mollie Dawson : [Associate] The Evil of the Daleks
Professor Travers : [Associate] The Abominable Snowmen
Astrid : [Companion-Lite] The Enemy of the World
Brigadier : [Companion] The Web of Fear
Anne Travers : [Associate] The Web of Fear
Frank Harris : [Associate] Fury From the Deep
Maggie Harris : [Associate] Fury From the Deep
Zoë : [Companion] The Wheel in Space
Cully : [Associate] The Dominators
Benton : [Associate] The Invasion
Isobel Watkins : [Companion-Lite] The Invasion
Milo Clancey : [Associate] The Space Pirates
Lt. Jeremy Carstairs : [Companion-Lite] The War Games
Goth : [Associate] The War Games
Time Lords : [Associates] The War Games
Sixth Doctor : The Twin Dilemma
Peri : [Companion] The Planet of Fire


Daleks : [Villain] The Daleks
Cybermen [Mondasian] : [Villain] The Tenth Planet
Macra : [Villain] The Macra Terror
Yeti : [Villain] The Abominable Snowmen
The Great Intelligence : [Villain] The Abominable Snowmen
Ice Warriors : [Villain] The Ice Warriors
Master of Fiction : [Villain] The Mind Robber
The War Lord : [Villain] The War Games
Sontaran : [Villain] The Time Warrior

Why Are They There?

You might wonder why the list contains certain characters in this [and future] networks. They weren't Companions at all. Another new entry will give these answers as the explanation became quite long.

Jamie's Friend Network

Quite a long list of characters for a Companion network. But Jamie's long tenure [almost three years] naturally accumulated many connections.

Node ColourBar

Jamie Friend

Jamie, firmly in the center of the network, co-exists with the Second Doctor. Their equal sized circles represent an equal in the number of connections. The two lone female Companions that traveled with Jamie [Victoria and Zoë] sit within a clse inner circle, as do the UNIT group to the right and the Daleks to the right of them. The other characters populate the outer ridge with connections to one, two, or possibly three others. Jamie and the Second Doctor dominate the network.

The strong cluster to the right [called the UNIT group] contains The Brigadier, Sgt. Benton and the UNIT soldiers. This contains three characters with connections of 15 stories or more [not all of which occurred during Jamie's stay on the TARDIS]. A very well connected cluster. The links of the Second Doctor and Jamie to the Brigadier [2], to the UNIT Soldiers [2] and Sgt. Benton [1] tie them in close. These tight clusters contain strong links between them but not a large number of links.

The small cluster to the upper right represents Jamie's time with Ben and Polly along with the characters they met and villains they fought together. The short branch to the lower left shows his singular meeting with the Sixth Doctor and Peri.

Jamie's Story Network

Jamie has encountered many of the big bads in the Whoverse : The Daleks, The Cybermen, The Sontarans, The Ice Warriors, Yeti, and the Great Intelligence. He met a future incarnation of the Doctor, the Second Doctor's double, and Time Lords from Gallifrey. He even met the Atlantians [thier first incarnation on Doctor Who]. But most of all, he appeared in the Brigadier's first story, The Web of Fear.

The Base Under Siege style story dominates the Second Doctor era.

Jamie Story

With no discernible pattern visible, many connections show only non-repeating characters. In other words, no story arc. If present, an arc, with more links from a major villain, would connect multiple characters and stories.

All in all, not bad for a Highland Scot lad constantly complaining about the metal beasties.

The Analysis

Jamie SNA

In most of the analysis, Jamie scored only slightly lower the Second Doctor in 10 out of 14 categories. This puts him a very strong position and shows his importance in this network. The slight edge the Second Doctor holds comes from the single adventure [The Power of the Daleks] with Ben & Polly,  before Jamie joined Team TARDIS. But not very noticeable. The Brigadier's number of links number almost 50% that of the Second Doctor's. The rest of the characters drop off sharply.

Total Number of Links
Doctor Who-0294
Jamie McCrimmon84

The Second Doctor, Jamie, and the Brigadier have the largest share of the links in this network [although the Brigadier's links concentrate mostly in the UNIT group]. These three characters become the most important, well positioned, best connected characters in the network - also, more cliques [groups of three of more characters] and connections to other characters in other cliques. Jamie's influence reflects his central position as the main connection between two other character in the network. Remember, "It's all about who you know."

Victoria and Zoë comes in a distant 4th with the Daleks finishing this chart.

Jamie Key Entity

The rankings of the Key Entity chart appear similar to the Network Analysis chart as The Second Doctor, Jamie, and the Brigadier top both charts. The remaining scores drop off quick. Another indicator of the connectedness those top three characters. The thin lines are represent weak links, links with a connection of only one or two.

Jamie Clique
Yes, Cliques again. Groups of three of more characters all connected together.

The number of cliques each characters belong shows why the Second Doctor and Jamie have an important roles. Both of them belong to 31 cliques. More than three times as many cliques as the next closest character, Zoë.

Highly Connected Characters
1Doctor Who-0272.7%
2Jamie McCrimmon68.8%

A typical example of how Jamie trails the Second Doctor and how the Brigadier trails Jamie, the Highly Connected Characters shows the top three rankings. Jamie's capability for taking over from the Doctor, if necessary, is apparent. Except if it required dealing with more metal beasties.

This could change when we get to the Brigadier's network. That will be one very, very large network.


The grouping of this network, unlike previous Companion networks, contains a higher number of groups. Previous ones showed little to no complexity. This network splits up into four distinct groups [as you see from the four branches drifting out from the center].

Jamie SubGroup

Group 1 : Second Doctor, Jamie, Victoria, Zoë, Astrid, Anne Travers, Mollie Dawson, Professor Travers, Frank Harris, Maggie Harris, Cully, Milo Clancey, Lt. Jeremy Carstairs, Cybermen [Mondasian], Yeti, The Great Intelligence, Ice Warriors

Group 2 : Sixth Doctor, Peri, Sontaran, Daleks, Time Lords, War Lord, Goth

Group 3 : Ben, Polly, Samanth Briggs, Ara, Macra, Atlantians

Group 4 : Brigadier, Soldiers UNIT, Benton, Isobel Watkins

Most of the times, the groups fall into place. Characters line up with the most obvious partners. But at other times, they can seem slightly baffling. This one is 95% cut and dried. We have the UNIT group, and early Companion group [Ben & Polly], the later Companion group [Victoria & Zoë], and then the... "Why are the War Lord and Goth in that group with the Sixth Doctor when they never met?" group. Best answer? Those characters have connections to the Time Lords and the Time Lords have strong connections to the Sixth Doctor. This brings them into the same group. Groupings can hide at times. I don't necessarily agree the entire analysis. At times it takes particular knowledge of the network as a whole.


Jamie appears as quite a capable replacement for the Second Doctor. At least in networking terms. He has most of the same connections and ranks high in all the important measures. But as we all know, no one can replace the Doctor in any incarnation. But that doesn't take away from Jamies capabilities.

This shows Jamie as a highly capable, well-connected character. Later, we'll see how these stats stack up against the analysis of the Second Doctor. Then the analysis of the show up to this point. I might even compare these numbers with Sarah Jane's when I get to her. Curious how two of the longest running companions match up.

NEXT UP : Victoria Waterfield

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