23 January 2013


General TimeTable

In general, I find it takes three to four days to run the analysis and checkout the results. That's on a regular network. A network of a Doctor takes a day or two extra. Presumably the first of the multi-Doctor network analysis it will take an extra day or two. There are many things to look at and check. Add to the fact that I have a job and sometimes that job takes my attention. At other times that job annoys me and makes me not want to work on this and go watch a movie instead.


I see updates coming every three to six days. On many of those in-between days there probably will not be any postings. I would like to put extra stuff up but have found that this only takes time away from the analysis and can be somewhat distracting, especially if I head off on the trail of something and spend an hour of two before I get back to my actual work. So I hope that you don't mind that the posts are sometimes scarce. I try to make up for not posting everyday with insightful reviews of the character's networks.

Thank you...

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