14 January 2013

Victoria-Companion Analysis

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VictoriaI wasn't sure if I wanted long-dress, low cleavage Victoria or mini-skirted mod Victoria. So I made a gif of the two extremes.

A unique time for The Doctor's Companions, the last time the Doctor travels with two Companions from the past. [I discount Leela, her savagery was artifical].

But the entire universe is primitive compared to the Doctor. He likes his primitives to at least understand electricity and appreciate a proper sewage system.

NOTE : After a review from one of the project scientists, we discovered a quirk in the importing of the data. Efforts are underway to correct the process and a revised analysis will be posted here.

Profile : Victoria Waterfield

Victoria appeared in 7 stories [41 episodes] and traveled exclusively with the Second Doctor and Jamie. She left the TARDIS after seeing too much death and destruction in her travels. She chose to stay behind with the Harris' in 20th century England. Victoria, the unwilling adventurer, originally became stranded on Skaro when her father died saving her. The Doctor rescued her and made her a Companion.


Second Doctor : The Power of the Daleks
Jamie : [Companion] The Highlanders
Mollie Dawson : [Associate] The Evil of the Daleks
Professor Travers : [Associate] The Abominable Snowmen
Astrid : [Companion-Lite] The Enemy of the World
Brigadier : [Companion] The Web of Fear
Soldier UNIT : [Associate] The Web of Fear
Anne Travers : [Associate] The Web of Fear
Frank Harris : [Associate] Fury From the Deep
Maggie Harris : [Associate] Fury From the Deep


Daleks [Villain] : The Daleks
Cybermen [Mondasian' [Villain] : The Tenth Planet
Yeti : [Villain] The Abominable Snowmen
The Great Intelligence : [Villain] The Abominable Snowmen
Ice Warriors : [Villain] The Ice Warriors

Victoria's Friend Network

Victoria's small networks contains three core characters [the Second Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria], a few support characters and some villains. Victoria's network, a subset of Jamie's network, also contains the UNIT subgroup. [the thick fuchsia line between Brigadier and Solders UNIT]. Not a complicated or deep network.

Node ColourBar

Victoria Friend

Although small, it contains Daleks, Cybermen, Yeti [twice], and the Second Doctor's doppelgänger. Many major villains for only seven stories. But still, it lacks strong connections and this makes it a loose network.

Victoria's Story Network

Adding the stories to the network reinforces the fact of a disjointed network. Except for the two Yeti stories, connections between major characters do not exist.

Victoria Story

The Analysis

The Second Doctor and Jamie have the majority of the connections. Their time together far exceeds their time with Victoria. She has less than 60% the number of links as the Second Doctor. This appears to make Victoria a weak character. But the number of links isn't the only item which creates a strong character. Victoria's total links fall short of the Second Doctor's or Jamie's but in the Analysis, she equals Jamie's rank.

Most Connected Characters
Second Doctor100
Soldiers UNIT49

Although Victoria has a low number of links in comparison to the Second Doctor or Jamie, she still ranks in third place. The scores themselves aren't the whole story but it depends if a character grabs one of the three top spots. And Victoria does just that.

Victoria SNA

The exact same results occur in the Key Entity that occurred in the Standard Analysis where Victoria ranks 1st alongside Jamie. Once again those third place rankings push Victoria toward the top of her network in the Key Entity chart. Victoria's strongest factor comes from her connections between other characters. This dominance of the shortest pathway assists Victoria in claiming the top Potentially Influential spot. Her fewer, but important, connections give her a strong position in the network.

Potentially Influential
2Anne Travers26.598
4Second Doctor11.643

Victoria Key Entity

Victoria also belongs to the same number of cliques as the Second Doctor and Jamie. Appearing in only one story, limits a character's ability to contact other characters. Link weights of one portray weak links.

Victoria Cliques

Victoria's Groups

It surprised me to find four subgroups in Victoria's network. Characters divide into [mostly] reasonable groups.

Victoria SubGroup

Group 1 : Second Doctor, Jamie, Victoria, Astrid [EotW], Frank Harris, Maggie Harris, Cybermen-Mondasian, Yeti, Ice Warriors

Group 2 : Professor Travers, Anne Travers, The Great Intelligence

Group 3 : Brigadier, Soldiers UNIT

Group 4 : Mollie Dawson, Daleks

Groups include: The Victorian Dalek group, The UNIT group, and The Great Intelligence group. Three distinct specialty groups. All other characters end up in Group 1 with the Second Doctor. The Yetis in Group 1 instead of Group 2 show the strength of the Second Doctor's influence.


Though some heavy hitters exist in this network [the Second Doctor and Jamie], none show any chance of totally controlling the network. And her position on more pathways between characters shows her important influence. With far fewer connections than the Second Doctor or Jamie, Victoria displays why she has an important position in this network. Victoria's connections to the second Doctor and Jamie assist in raising Victoria to an important position.

NEXT UP : Normally, The Brigadier would be next one up. But complexities in his network need more review. The Companion analyses continue up to the Second Doctor's run. Then the analysis of the Brigadier's.