22 February 2013

Nicholas Courtney-A Tribute

After Nicholas Courtney passed away in 2011, I did a tribute video to him to the music from Army Strong music.

Wish you could have made it to the 50th anniversary...

UNIT Strong from greenpear on Vimeo.

20 February 2013

Yes, I'm still alive...

Figured it was time to check in. Many things have happened in real life that have made things difficult, but not impossible to get on this these analysis. Progress is being made. Slow progress, but it's still going forward.

First, I have a definite date for my departure from the university. There's a lot more to this than I had originally suspected. I'm trying to clean up my work before I leave so whoever needs to dwell into it will find everything neat and tidy. Always leave things neater than how you found them.

Second was a major problem with my car which has also been taking time out of my life. $1,100 worth of repair bills was not what I was looking for as a car is a necessity in a job search.

Third, we all know that looking for a job is more time consuming that actually having a job. People to contact and then meet, making a list and checking it twice. and trying to get all your ducks in a row waiting for those calls to come in about job opportunities.

But fret not, the networks are done for both the First Doctor's story, The Daleks, and the Ninth Doctor's story, Rose. I have talked to my partner about comparing the two stories and he has outlined the methods.

But first off I will be getting to the individual stories and a rundown of the important people, places, and things.

So once again, I apologize for all who have been waiting.

10 February 2013

The Daleks Story Model

Currently I am in the final phase of modeling the story, The Daleks. Constructed as a seven part Dynamic Network, it will analyze the story as individual episodes as well as the whole. I am not sure if it will be done as one post or broken up into individual pieces. I won't know that until I get the analysis finished.

It will trace the characters, what tasks they needed to accomplish, the resources they needed to do the job, specific knowledge they used in the episodes, where these actions took place, and major events of the story.

I will not be doing every story in this manner but will be looking for the more interesting story lines. Perhaps I will jump ahead to 2005 and take a look at the first story of the new series, Rose and do a comparison.

Thank you for your patience as this project has been partially interrupted with the news that funding in my department has hit a snag and I was temporarily distracted with the news that my job is ending in two months. That took my mind of the analysis for a while.

04 February 2013

Last Stop Before A New Venture

I have just come back from a meeting with my associate at work and he has put his stamp of approval on the direction for the story analysis. So let me outline what's going to take place in a bit.

What We'll Look At?

For each story, all the characters will be placed in a network with links to who actually met whom.

Next, the tasks which were the most important will be laid in. With this I don't mean small items like opened a door, snuck down the corridor, and incapacitated the bad guy. These are usually combined into the general overall task of escape from jail cell.

In some tasks, certain tools or resources might be required. So these are added to the network. The Doctor's sonic screwdriver is the most notable tool. But resources can be many other items. For example, in 100,000 B.C., the spears of the cavemen are resources, as are the matches the doctor carried with him.

Finally, some of these tasks and resources require a special knowledge to use. For example just because a character has a sword [a resource] doesn't necessarily mean they know how to use it [a knowledge]. Knowledge is usually something learned like history [which barbara knows]. But knowledge can also be information a character knows about another person or situation.

After The Network's Done?

The network will then go through the analysis process to ascertain what the important parts are or is most needed.

Which Stories Will Be Done?

Currently I'm not sure. I am working on each one and when I find a promising network, then I will pick it out and run some tests. If the results are interesting, I will post the information.

And what is meant by interesting? Again, not really sure. Maybe a story with lots of people attempting to do lots of tasks agains a formidable enemy. Or one which takes place in an exploration style needing to get from point A to point B.

But the first one I will be doing is a double act. I separate An Unearthly Child and 100,000 B.C. into two stories. But for this first post, they will both be given equal billing. I found them to be good starter stories for this part of the project and will show what to expect from future posts.