10 February 2013

The Daleks Story Model

Currently I am in the final phase of modeling the story, The Daleks. Constructed as a seven part Dynamic Network, it will analyze the story as individual episodes as well as the whole. I am not sure if it will be done as one post or broken up into individual pieces. I won't know that until I get the analysis finished.

It will trace the characters, what tasks they needed to accomplish, the resources they needed to do the job, specific knowledge they used in the episodes, where these actions took place, and major events of the story.

I will not be doing every story in this manner but will be looking for the more interesting story lines. Perhaps I will jump ahead to 2005 and take a look at the first story of the new series, Rose and do a comparison.

Thank you for your patience as this project has been partially interrupted with the news that funding in my department has hit a snag and I was temporarily distracted with the news that my job is ending in two months. That took my mind of the analysis for a while.

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