20 February 2013

Yes, I'm still alive...

Figured it was time to check in. Many things have happened in real life that have made things difficult, but not impossible to get on this these analysis. Progress is being made. Slow progress, but it's still going forward.

First, I have a definite date for my departure from the university. There's a lot more to this than I had originally suspected. I'm trying to clean up my work before I leave so whoever needs to dwell into it will find everything neat and tidy. Always leave things neater than how you found them.

Second was a major problem with my car which has also been taking time out of my life. $1,100 worth of repair bills was not what I was looking for as a car is a necessity in a job search.

Third, we all know that looking for a job is more time consuming that actually having a job. People to contact and then meet, making a list and checking it twice. and trying to get all your ducks in a row waiting for those calls to come in about job opportunities.

But fret not, the networks are done for both the First Doctor's story, The Daleks, and the Ninth Doctor's story, Rose. I have talked to my partner about comparing the two stories and he has outlined the methods.

But first off I will be getting to the individual stories and a rundown of the important people, places, and things.

So once again, I apologize for all who have been waiting.

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