31 March 2013

A look at The Bells of St John

Just watched the Bells of St John, the ½ season opener of Series 7. I have a few questions about the narrative.

• Why did the TARDIS' phone ring. In the Steven Moffat written episode, The Empty Child, Nine said it didn't work. But now it works like a regular telephone cause the plot needs it to.

• Obviously, the plot hinged on the reference to St John plaque on the TARDIS door. I just haven't figured out what it had to do with the story or why the Bells of St John is important.

• To connect to wi-fi you need to connect to a router. Were the Spoonheads the routers? But if they moved, wouldn't that disconnect the computers? Just what did all the computers connect to?

• The Spoonheads are physical server robots. How did one get upstairs at the house Clara was at without anyone seeing it go up the stairs. Was it hiding under her bed all this time?

• Why did the Spoonhead in Clara's house look like the girl from the cover of the Amelia William's book. Seemed like nothing more than a blatant plug for the book and added nothing to the plot.

• Why did Miss Kizlet tell Alexi to install the computer package into Clara's brain. Did she know that it would be needed later in the plot even though it served no real purpose here.

• Was there any real reason for the scene with the airplane except to be more like a Hollywood film? There are better ways to create tension and horror. Ask someone like Stephen King.

• Did all those people trapped in the wi-fi have to continually yap about, "I don't know where I am"? It became quite tiresome after the second time, especially when Clara did it twice. She should have know where she was after the Doctor explained it to her after he saved her the first time.

• And the wall of tv screens with all those people... what was the purpose? It certainly wasn't all the minds harvested as the global map made it appear like thousands or more were already taken.

• Miss Kizlet shouted for everyone to find the blue box like it was most important thing on their plate. And once it was located on the south bank of the Thames, they didn't do anything about it.

• While riding on the motorbike, the Doctor explains why he never takes the TARDIS into battle as he doesn't want his enemies to get hold of the most powerful ship in the univers.

• The Doctor says he doesn't take the TARDIS into battle but he took the TARDIS straight into the enemy's encampment in The Hungry Earth.

∴ Those two scenes were a complete waste of time and lent nothing to the plot.

• If the Doctor knows they're looking for him, why does he park the TARDIS in such an obvious spot that can be seen by so many people.

• And after the Doctor drives the motorcycle out of the TARDIS, he drives away without shutting the doors. Wasn't anyone in the crowd curious enough to take peek inside?

• The Doctor has defeated the Great Intelligence on three prior occasions. This time he couldn't figure out how to get past its defenses. This time he needed an upgraded Earth girl to technically do what he was incapable of doing. But after she got herself uploaded to the cloud again, the Doctor seemed to get all his smarts back and did whatever he wanted with their system.

Outside of the episode:

• Steven Moffat said he was not looking toward the past for monsters. The show needs to go forward. So why did the Great Intelligence and the Ice Warriors show up in series 7

Okay, That's enough questions for the first viewing...

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