24 March 2013

The Americanization of Who

My current job is coming to an end. And with it, the absurd distractions that entailed. Granted, finding another job will also be difficult but I think I will need an outlet. So let it be this.

I will be getting back on track with some analysis of the show, namely The Daleks story as a seven-part analysis.

But first, something I found while looking for other things. It was about how the Americans would change the Doctor and specifically how certain people would change it. One name catch my eye, but here's the entire list.

Kevin Williamson
Angst would abound in the TARDIS as the Doctor (an even more famous virgin than Dawson) finds himself in the middle of a romantic triangle between his newest companions. When he isn't trying to avoid being part of their love lives, he spends most of his time working to understand the pop cultural references that his companions are using.
His Doctor would be played by: Matt Davis

J.J. Abrams
Instead of just letting the Doctor get away with explaining away things as timey-wimey, Abrams would force him to start using overly complicated pseudo-science. He would also mess with the timeline by having the Doctor travel through time much more, while making sure to avoid any paradoxes. Oh, and everyone has daddy issues.
His Doctor would be played by: Bradley Cooper

Shonda Rhimes
The Doctor would finally be a medical doctor. The TARDIS would still be a time machine, but it would also be a hospital staffed by a dozen beautiful people trying to be the best doctors they can be and maybe, just maybe, find a little love. Both pursuits would only be further complicated by the strange situations that the TARDIS hospital keeps taking them to.
Her Doctor would be played by: T.R. Knight

NOTE : The next one is what caught my eye.

Joss Whedon
Neither Whedon's Doctor nor any of the companions would be safe from the dangers that always seem to be exactly where the Doctor is landing in any given week, with death much more likely for a major character than ever before. Also, one of the Doctor's companions would be a Dalek with a soul.
His Doctor would be played by: Amy Acker

NOTE : The Doctor's companion would be a Dalek? Considering this entry was written in April, 2011 it definitely shows a bit of crystal-gazing. Do you think Moffat stole this idea?

Josh Schwartz
Schwartz would make sure that the Doctor was always returning to Southern California where the newest UNIT base has been constructed underneath a chic nightclub. Most of his biggest conflicts would involve the Master and his plots to take over the world via fashion and trendy pop music.
His Doctor would be played by: Adam Brody

Dan Harmon
Every episode would pay tribute to the Doctors of the past, bringing back the most obscure enemies. The Doctor and his companions would be as silly and immature as the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond, but without the fairy-tale baggage.
His Doctor would be played by: Donald Glover

Aaron Sorkin
The Doctor doesn't carry a weapon so he already tends to talk his way out of most situations he can't run away from. These aren't mutually exclusive activities for Sorkin, whose Doctor would likely be more sanctimonious than Ten was. Viewers could also expect to see Daleks who have a slightly more logical argument for their desire to exterminate.
His Doctor would be played by: Joshua Malina

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