26 May 2013

A "NOT" Doctor Who post

I'm in the midst of finishing the "That Bastard Show Runner" article1 when I knew with just a little more work, I could finish the Red Dwarf Timey-Whimey Time Line Infographic. And I did finish it. Since I've taken my "not so copious free time" and worked on something non-Doctor Who, I would like to share the fruits of my labour.

Red Dwarf Time Line photo reddwarftimeline-vertical_zpse53b7e51.pngThe picture is the best I can embed from Photobucket. Yeah, tiny...

So here's the link to the image that can be enlarged. Click for larger image. Then click the magnifying glass then click the magnifying glass, again. Pain in the ass, I know, but this is the only way I can do this from Photobucket. Maybe I need to investigate another image sharing site...

Considering how complicated the Doctor Who time line has been lately, I think this is a match for any of its craziness. And they were doing this before the Doctor came back to our screens in 2005.

1 and contrary to what you may think, the article is not solely about Moffat. He may be mentioned but only in context.

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