11 May 2013

A Sorta Schedule

With the demands of the new job, I'm looking at starting back into this slowly. To begin, I will posting a 1,500 to 2,000 word essay a week. If I find the demands on my time ease up any, I will put out additional posts.

With the move out of Pittsburgh I no longer am in close contact with my writing partner. Analysis posts will be a little less frequent. Most of the posts will be concerned with how the classic series relates to the new series. I am working on a comparison of the two introduction stories, An Unearthly Child and Rose, their similarities and differences.

Before I do the Daleks/Rose network analysis, I need to reacquaint myself with the network program and the previous work I had already done. Things get a little hazy after being left alone for almost two months.

I also have a few a and chart projects in the work. I am finishing up the Red Dwarf Timey-Whiney Time Line project detailing all the time traveling the crew did. And a similar time line is being planned for the show Fringe. So it's not all Doctor Who but it does al relate to either time or space travel.

So after losing my job, deciding to move in with my girlfriend, and finding a new [more demanding] job, I think I am getting back on track.


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