12 May 2013

Gaiman Is a Pretty Good Storyteller.

With only one more episode to go in series 7, part 2, I'd have to say that Nightmre in Silver was the best of the lot. I chalk this up to the belief that Steven Moffat did not want to muck around with Neil Gaiman's script, as I felt he has done, to the other writer's scripts. When you get a top-notch writer like Gaiman, you generally leave him alone to write you a good story. Why then does Moffat meddle with the stories of other writers? Given half a chance, every one of the stories in series 7 could have been much better.

Take "Hide" for instance. The story of looking for a ghost was a great idea. The two extras in the story were well done. The reveal that it was in essence a lot time traveler marooned in a bubble universe. Marvelous concept and execution. Can someone tell me why the story felt like the whole friendly monster was tacked on? Even worse, why it ultimately turned into a monster love story. And to top it off, why the time traveler had to be related to the two extras in the story. Everything got muddied up at the end and made me go from loving the story to considering it somewhat mediocre. All because of the way it ended.

And that's how I've felt for this entire season. No, for most of Moffat's run.

I understand the show runner needs to be on top of things to assure the story is running true. But it feels like there's too much fiddlin' around with things and in the end, the individual stories suffer. I know this is entirely my opinion and many people disagree with this. But I'd like to see other writers get some of the same freedom to create a great story as Neil Gaiman got. I feel it would have lead to a much more exciting season.

Regarding the posting schedule it looks like I will be able to put forth at least one essay a week for now. Time is limited outside of work as the summer gardening season has started. That in itself consumes a lot of my free time. So one a week. Two if I get a burst of inspiration and energy. Three, I kinda doubt [at least for now]. There is always the possibility of more of these shorts though.

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