22 May 2013

Summer Time

Well, not summer yet—but close. Spring was hectic with the job loss, decision to move, the actual move, the job search, garden preparation, the job get, and settling down in my new digs. It really upset my plans. But things are settling down and I've gotten into a rhythm. I do two hours a day of reading and writing. Doesn't sound like a lot but it's much more than I had a month ago. I hope to increase that shortly.

The Season Finale
Doctor Who is over until the 50th anniversary. Who am I going to bash now? I better get used to writing about the show instead of how much I look forward to the day Steven Moffat hands in his resignation.

I enjoyed writing the comparison piece on introduction stories and can see more opportunities for similar pieces. Of course, one essay in the queue is a comparison about despised show runners. Didn't see that one coming, did you.

I've queried my former co-author and asked if he's still interested in writing more analysis pieces but am still waiting to hear back. I hope he does as his insight to the analysis side is invaluable.

Well, it's back to work as I'm writing this on my lunch hour. Definitely less time during the day to read/write. I will try to not let that affect the production of new essays.

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