10 July 2013

Sonic Uses by Writer

I just realized, I do have something to post without revealing too much of the final product. It's a chart showing the worst offenders of sonic use.

number of uses of sonic screwdriver photo numberofusesofthesonicusesbywriter_zps4173cc93.jpg

Now it's Photobucket and it's a bad interface. So here's what you do to see it really big.
  1. Click the picture in this post.
  2. On the Photobucket page, click the magnifying glass in the lower left.
  3. No click the magnifying glass in the lower left. Yes, I said that already but you have to do it again.
  4. Adjust the enlargement of you screen as it's a hi-res picture and you may have to shrink it to see.

Says something for those new series writers. And they say the Classic series depended on it too much...

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