22 July 2013

The Data Gathering Stage

The project is still in the data gathering stage. A little slower than I'd like but my priority centers on the job search. Yes, I must do things like find a job before I can go out and play. That said, here's an update for the sonic dataset.

• One particular stat requires finding the exact amount of time each writer has written so I've been searching out run times. On many of the new series it's listed as 45 minutes. We all know that's not the case. I had to go back to the DVDs and check the run times of individual episodes. I wish this data had already been calculated. It would have saved a lot of time.

• I have categorized approximately 99% of the sonic uses as acoustic. It requires a lot of searches and much potential future projection into what science could do in the future. But I feel it makes for a more feasible explanation having the screwdriver doing something sonically instead of stating it has the function to open doors.

• With the help of a former colleague, we are formulating various ways to display this information in different, and occasionally in a humous manner, for everyone's enjoyment.

• I was amazed I had the energy to scrub through every episode from Fury From The Deep on looking for the slightest traces of sonic uses. After finding multiple lists on line, most conflicted with all others and none were even remotely complete. I hope this will become a definitive listing. But knowing how subjective this subject is, many will still consider it wrong as open doors is listed as a result, not a function.

Some graphs will be posted shortly...

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