06 August 2013

Sonic Project Update

A Second Pair Of Eyes
It's amazing how quickly someone who has not been staring at the computer screen for hours on end can instantly see some you missed. And so it was with Jürgen who noticed the confusion in the first ring graph. He said there were too many lines. And he's right. So he suggested doing something simpler—separate it into two rings: one for the Doctors and one for everybody else. It's making a world of difference.

Illustrator Still Sucks
I've never been fond of Illustrator. It's not that I can't learn it, I just don't care for the workflow and how some of the tools work. I am much more comfortable with Photoshop. But I've heard that from many other artist. But in this case I need the vector graphics so I guess I have to put up with Illustrator.

Run Times
I have finally logged in the last run time for all of Doctor Who, Torchwood, and The Sarah Jane Adventures. For most of them I was able to get the exact time down to the second. But for some reason some of the shows had no time listed anywhere on the web. IN cases like this I went back to the default stated on Wikipedia. There's only so much precision you can have with limited time and resources. If this were a paying gig I would be adamant about exact times. But since I don't have a backer or other resources to depend on I will take the times I can find and use the defaults for the rest. C'est la vie.

Infographic Format
I have decided that attempting to put all the information into one giant infographic would be a mistake. It would be cramped and too long. So this project is instead going to be done in multiple infographics each focusing on an individual part of the sonic screwdriver. The first one is concentrating on the main idea, how many times did each Doctor use the sonic screwdriver. That in itself is shaping up to be quite a bit of information and should make a nice, compact chart.

Other graphs will contain information about the biggest offending writers, ratios of writing and uses, the categorization of the use, and a few others. I don't think I'll run out of subject matter any time soon...

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