19 August 2013

This and That...

More Writing
We got the go ahead to do the sonic screwdriver article for Whotopia magazine. This one will cover only the explanations of the uses and how they can be explanined acoustically. That in itself should fill up at least 1,500 words if not more. I got the outline done and it's somewhat short. Of course the bulk of the article will comprise of the explanations.

Other Sonic Stuff
The other charts and articles being prepared are in the infancy stage. The information is in Excel but nothing has been done yet. But as soon as some of the projects are cleared see below they will get started.

New information on the sonic dataset
While reading an entry on Doctor Who TV the poster had a still from Day of the Moon in which the Doctor appeared to be blasting a green ray from the screwdriver and causing a Silent to collapse. I had that listed as Magic Wand doing nothing so I needed to make a change. There are probably other ones like that. Seeing that I had to scrub through more than 30 seasons worth I'm amazed it's as clear as it is.

What Happened To My Show?
I remember when I used to love Doctor Who. I loved nearly everything about it, even the Colin Baker years. But lately it's gotten harder to want to stay here. Why? The 90° turn that fandom has taken.

On more blogs and forums, and especially on facebook, I read more drivel on facebook than I can take. Like, "If you were trapped on a desert island, which Doctor would you want to have as company?" Or, "Who's your favorite Doctor, 9, 10, or 11?" And worst of all, "Stop hating on Rose! You're not allowed to talk about her like that!!!" At least the blogs are not as bad, but it's still there.

A lot of the new fans won't say it outright but many only give lip-service to the Classic era. Probably to prevent themselves from being too harshly criticized. But then again, I've seen many a young person not care what people thought when they say they have no intention of watching it because it's slow and boring AND in black & white.

Even with the Doctor under the current mismanagement, it's still the show at the top of my list. In order to continue with it I'm going to have to discontinue reading certain parts of the web to keep me from wanting to blow my brains out. First off will be facebook.

Maybe I'll write up a little piece about the changing face of Who fandom.

Non Doctor Who Projects
Yes, there are indeed non Doctor Who things I do. Coming to an end are two such projects. First, plotting the time line of one my favorite movies, The Big Lebowski which charts of the path of The Dude and the people he meets while trying to solve the mystery of why his run was pissed on.

The second one almost completed is merely plotting all the TV shows form the Tommy Westpahll Universe onto multiple maps. And taking a few things I learned along the way deciding NOT to plot every connection looks like it was a very good idea. There's enough information on that map as it is and any connector lines would have just made a mess of it. Besides, the plotting had to be done on five separate maps due to some absolute cluttering and those outer space and fantasy locations.

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