29 September 2013

Acoustic Science Table

I cleaned up the table a bit and have what I'd like to think of as a finished comparison. The left column is the physical science which the sonic screwdriver is mimicking and the right column is the acoustic science which I found that explains the real science available to actually perform that function. Granted, the science exhibited today is pale in comparison to what the writers have the sonic screwdriver doing on the show but it proves that these sciences actually do exist.

Physical ScienceSonic Style
acousticfrequency pulse
acousticamplify current
electricityconvert sound to electricity
electricitymagic wand
electromagnetismamplify current
electromagnetismconvert sound to electricity
electromagnetismconvert sound to EMR
electromagnetismconvert sound to magnetism
electromagnetismsolder with sound
electromechanicalconvert sound to electricity
electromechanicalmagic wand
electromechanicalsolder with sound
intermolecular forcealter particle fields
levitationacoustic levitation
nanotechnologyconvert sound to electricity
neurologybinaural beats
non-usemagic wand
powerconvert sound to electricity
record dataacoustic-assisted magentic recording
scanningacoustic microscopy
tardis mechanicsconvert sound to electricity
tardis mechanicsconvert sound to magnetism
tardis mechanicssolder with sound
tardis mechanicsacoustic microscopy
tardis mechanicsconvert sound to magnetism
telemetryjam radio waves
telemetryreceive radio waves
telemetrytransmit radio waves
thermodynamicsexcite/slowdown molecules
thermodynamicsweld with sound
threatenmagic wand
vector field physicsalter particle fields

Yes, you will find magic wand among those functions cause there are just some things that can not be explained no matter how much you delve into acoustic sciences.

Note : Figures. Shortly after posting this table, I found a few other entries which needed tweaked. That's what has been holding it up for a while. Tweaking the data in order to align it properly.

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