01 September 2013

Another programming language?

I promised myself a few years back I was done with programming. It was getting complicated needing to know multiple languages to do anything. FInished I said. I went on to learn network analysis.

Then along came more of those interactive graphics on the web. guess what you need to be able to do. So contrary to my promise, it was back to the books to learn d3.js. It was the only way I was going to move past the static graphics I was producing and make the data visualizations that I had in my head.

I joined a data visualization group and the head of the group is a Ph.D student in network analysis and he works with d3. I hope to have the first graphic up shortly. Won't be anything super-fantastic but hopefully it will be a start. I just have to see how to make it work on this blog. I've gotten it semi-functional on my web site [seeing I don't have complete and utter access to the entire code], but it will work if coded correctly. Now it's time to explore getting it working on Blogger. It's so much more difficult trying things on platforms like instead of a made form the ground up web site.

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