15 September 2013

General Update...

I've been giving a lot of thought lately to the [slight] rift between the Classic Who and New Who fans. It can be quite annoying at times which is the reason I left the Facebook group. It was too much of the If you only started with the reboot, you need to check out the classic series. On the other side you get, The Tenth Doctor was my first Doctor. I wanted to be a more well-rounded fan by watching some of the classics but they are too slow, have crappy special effects, or Those Doctors/Companions just don't stack up to "our" Doctor Who.

To wit, I thought a good subject might be to dwell into The Gentrification of Doctor Who. What should be one large fandom has fractured into multiple smaller ones each taking a side with a few on both sides actually drawing a line in the sand. And that's not good. It's only a show people.

Next Screwdriver Article
Still working on about how certain writers seem to writer more screwdriver scenes than others. There were writers who didn't use the screwdriver in their scripts while Moffat and some other writers never let it leave his hand.

Continuing to learn the new language. Each day brings me closer to what I've always envisioned I should be able to do on the web.

The 50th Anniversary Episode
I thought I'd be a little more excited about 23 NOV 2013, but I'm not. I've got a certain amount of trepidation about how this story will unfold. I can't say I've been happy about some of Moffat's other stories. Problem is, this isn't just another story, is it. You only get one shot at this and all we have is Moffat.

Facebook Doctor Who Group
After much consideration I decided to leave the group on Facebook. Although there was some excellent people writing really good posts, the in-fighting between the classic fans and the new fans got on my nerves. Sure, I enjoy the classic series more but that doesn't stop me from watching all the new episodes [even when they're penned by Moffat]. But at times it got down to nasty name-calling. It got so bad that the group had to go to a moderated state. And even then, it wasn't pretty. Such is life...

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