08 September 2013

Last Whotopia Magazine Issue

Whotopia Magazine
After submitting my article to Whotopia I was informed that #26 will be the last one for a while. That makes me sad. Any discontinuation of a good magazine is not good. Especially when they were publishing my articles. In their reply they stated one of the problems was finding a new layout guru.

In my reply to their reply I said I was sorry to see it end. Then I asked what they were looking for in a layout guru who would like to see the magazine continue I went on to tell them that I was a graphic designer and if it fit into my schedule I might be up to the task of attempting to fill the position.

This would accomplish two things. 1) I could continue publishing articles in the magazine; 2) getting experience in the magazine publishing field. I call that a win/win for everyone.

Let's see what their response is...

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