29 September 2013

Acoustic x Physical Sciences

Things have gotten a bit busy on the home front. Mostly with attempts to find a decent job. So I've been away, but now i'm back.

And about that article we finished for Whotopia. As always, the graphics you submit aren't necessarily the final images. We created a network showing the connections between the physical sciences that the sonic screwdriver was mimicking and the acoustic science which could reasonably be used to explanation those effects. After the article was submitted I had a conversation with Jürgen and we agreed that a few of the items were not correctly correlated and two of the physical sciences were actually not necessary and needed to be changed to something already in the network.

But that was minor. The chart is pretty much as submitted and we won't languish on those little points.

Acoustic Sciences vs. Physical Sciences
 photo psvsasnetwork_zpsdaf9beca.png

Jürgen felt that the network showing the connections between the physical sciences and the acoustic sciences would be the strongest graphic. After all, we were trying to show how open door is not a function so what better than to show what we actually think the explanation is. It all depends on what type of door it is on how the screwdriver can open it. Magnetically for older metal locking mechanisms and electromechanically for futuristic servo-powered doors.

photo psvsasnetwork_zpsdaf9beca.png

It's a little crowded but that's due to the size of the content area in this blog. And yes, you do see the magic wand category. On more than one occasion The Doctor has pulled out the screwdriver, waved it around with it emitting light and sound but absolutely nothing happened. In those instances, it appears as nothing more than a magic wand.

We're working on the next article but currently have no place to submit it yet. The Whotopia editors are taking a break for a couple months which means we are looking for another outlet.

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