11 September 2013

Sonic Devices in Illustrator

As work progresses on the sonic screwdriver dataset I took a little time out to fiddle with Illustrator. I needed a little practice with the program anyway so this seemed appropriate to do. It was a quickie set and I'd like to fix a few problems I had but I think they will be making an appearance later on in the process. Especially since I recently started working with the gradient mesh which makes colouring a lot easier.

ETA 1 : the image does not show up properly on my iPad. Need to look into this problem. Must have something to do with giving it percentages for width and height.

ETA 2 : The iPad doesn't like it when I specify an image by percentages. It wants pixel width and height.

 photo sonicdevices-150dpi_zps281ffa80.jpg

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