06 September 2013

Sonic Update

Whotopia Article
Just met with Jürgen yesterday going over the article for Whotopia. Have decided the first article should be titled Open Door Is Not A Function as this article attempts to correlate what the sonic screwdriver does to real life acoustic sciences. And every time I heard someone talk about how the screwdriver opened a door I knew this had to be the first topic. It's due by Saturday and it's not finished. Real Life has a habit of rearing its head at approximately the wrong time. But I'm working on it.

The Dataset
After coming across a few more uses the total, up to The Name Of The Doctor is 797. I'm quite sure the total will crest 800 with no problem once the 50th anniversary is broadcast. After all, it has the two most sonic-welding Doctors appearing.

The Sonic On The Web
Currently working on developing some interactive web pages using the sonic data. Static images are nice but what this dataset needs is a way to actively change the view of the data. Using the JavaScript library, d3.js I'm working on building some nice visuals to display the data. The potential is there, I just have to learn how to harness it.

The Next Subject
Jürgen and I agree that developing the charts showing the biggest offenders of sonic usage is a good subject. And people will be very surprised that the top of the heap is not ruled by Steven Moffat. He may had written the most uses but he's also logged in a lot more minutes of showtime. But that's after the acoustic science charts are finished.

Have a day...

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