13 September 2013

Where Next?

I just talked to Jürgen about what we should do for our next article. I suggested we concentrate on the aspect of the writers and their overuse of the sonic screwdriver. There are quite a few writers who never once had the Doctor pick up the screwdriver and then there are writers who never let it leave the Doctor's hand. It seems strange there's such wild divergence in behavior but different pens for different writers.

Anyway, we had jokingly talked about the biggest sonic offenders and detailing who wrote the most uses per number of minutes of stories. He thinks it's a good one to do next. Besides, all the information is currently in the dataset and is ready to be set into some good charts and graphs.

And some people will be surprised when the final numbers come out as to who is the biggest offender. I will tell you it's not Steven Moffat. Yes, he has written the most uses but he's also written a large chunk of stories. And that makes his numbers ratio drop.

So the writing has commenced.

But first will be a little piece I've been meaning to write on The Gentrification of Doctor Who.

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