07 September 2013

Writing and Programming

Whotopia Article
Just got an email back from the editors of Whotopia agreeing to allow us an extra week to finish the article. I just hope they also agree to let the article grow to 3,000 words. Even at that length we had to cut a lot of information out. Part of today will be spend on polishing up the article mainly with the addition of the humour. Like the description of one of my favorite magic wand incident. In The Impossible Planet Ten and Rose land on the station and the Ood enter the room saying, "We must feed..., We must feed". Ten whips out the screwdriver, points it at them, and it glows and buzzes... and absolutely nothing happens. What the hell was supposed to happen? Those are one of the areas that are classed magic wand.

And that's why I'm working do hard to get this information up as a d3js page. I can envision how one page would be able to present an enormous amount of information choosable by the viewer. On one page clicking various buttons would present the information of each Doctor. On another page would be the Acoustic Sciences. And the possibilities can be expanded beyond what I can think out now.

So as I'm sitting here, waiting on the next step of the tomato sauce preparation, I am continuing to work at conquering the d3js learning curve.

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