13 October 2013

A LIttle Update

Been a hectic week here in Real Life. The end of the summer means a ton of work in the garden and that, unfortunately, takes me away from my writing and art. But i have another infographic and article in the pipeline and it's a continuation of the sonic screwdriver material we've been doing.

The New Infographic
I have described how the so-called physical science uses of the sonic screwdriver can be explained in acoustic sciences. But now it's time to see which Doctor, or companion or villain, was the first to make the screwdriver do some of those various functions. It's commonly known that the Second Doctor was the first one to unscrew a screw but who was the fist one to actually scan something. That seems to be what Eleven is best know for but he wasn't the first. We've seen it used as a flashlight, a tool for building and repairing equipment, and even tuning into someone's brain.

So I'm putting together a graphic to navigate through all those uses and show who did what first!.

We're putting together a companion article but since Whotopia is taking a break for a while, we'll be looking for another magazine/web site to send it to. If we don't find any takers quickly I'll just post it here.

Classic Who Episodes Found
I just downloaded my copy of The Enemy of the World from iTunes. It doesn't seem to have the nest reputation but it was one of the stories I was always hoping to see. So I'm happy. The only thing that would have made me happier would have been if Power of the Daleks had been found. But I'll take what I can get since it's two Troughton stories previously unseen in 45 years. And I'm only watching one episode a day rather than gobbling it up in one sitting. I want to enjoy this a little bit at a time. Not often you get to do that since many of us have seen the classic multiple times.


  1. Hullo,

    Seeing as you have Combom on your blogroll already, and you're looking for a Doctor Who site to post articles on, care to send an email our way? There's contact info under the "Write for Combom" link on the sidebar. Your articles have some fantastic analysis (to say nothing of your intellectual honesty.) The one breaking down uses of the sonic by writerly top ten lists was great stuff.

    1. An unexpected but very welcome response so I'll just say thank you, I'll certainly be in touch.