10 October 2013

A New Program—A New Chart

I had previously said that I would have to wean myself off the program I was using at Carnegie Mellon as it is not open-source and has a pretty hefty price tag. And as Jürgen says, I need to be able to post whatever I do without having to worry about any repercussions about using a program that isn't free. So I'm embarking on the use of Gephi. I was going to start using Pajek but the MOOC I'm taking has all the work in Gephi.

So I started working on another part of the dataset. I want to design something to show the first use of each of the acoustic functions. Since I needed to practice with Gephi I thought this might make a nice network.

 photo sonicnetwork-131009_zpsdf438a70.png

This is by far different than my last one [and the one before that]. This dataset has been getting tweaked for the past few months. Every time I learn something new about one of the sciences, seems like I need to make changes in the dataset. But I feel it's coming to an end and some real graphs can start being produced along with a general analysis of the situation.

So if I disappear for a couple of days it's usually cause I have my nose stuck into the computer trying to either create the graphs or write up what the graphs have told me. Either way, I often lose track of time. Or maybe real life just got busy and the job search heated up. That definitely takes priority.

I will be passing this off to Jürgen and see what he has to say about it.

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