29 October 2013

Did I Take Another break?

I guess real life got in the way once again. And working on a social network analysis class. And attempting to find another publication/web site to submit our next article to. And looking for a new job. Yea, life is a bit hectic right now.

As much as I enjoy posting to my own blog I'm well aware that this is not a universally read blog. We have been submitting articles to Whotopia but after the review of Adventures in Space and Time they will be taking a break. *sigh*

I did get contacted by one blog in the UK and am still waiting to hear what will be coming down the pike.

Jürgen and I had an article committed to WhatCulture. It's in the final stages and will be going out any day. If accepted I'll link to it from here. If not accepted might shop it around elsewhere. If not, I'll post it here.

But I will continue to post the majority of the smaller essays here unless/until something drastic changes... or I get a job which demands all my time... or the apocalypse happens.

I have a few things in the early stages which keep getting put aside. Probably because I don't have an absolute timetable. That happens when you're not working a regular schedule. That just means I need to be more attentive, maybe mark things on a calendar so I will publish on a more consistent schedule.

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