16 October 2013

Screwdriver Update

Another revamp
Sometimes this project can get so convoluted. Once again, I'm looking at the best way to organize the data to give me the best possible display. This approach will try using the standard terminology people think of when talking about the screwdriver functions then directing the graph to show the acoustic styles that could explain them. This time I think it will work the way I originally thought it should.

More Uses Found
And while casually going through the list I like to periodically check a few things by actually scrubbing the episode again. This time was to make sure that the number of times the Liz opened and closed that garage door were counted correctly. Found I had missed a few of them. A couple were on screed for such a short time I actually needed to watch parts of the episodes to get it straight.

Then there were the implied uses for Liz. In episode 7, after the Doctor has returned form the alternate universe he mumbles something about reversing the pumps. Liz finally gets what he means and bolts off. The next scene is Liz in the control center taking care of business. When she done she races out of the control room and it cuts back to the garage.

What that means is that her opening and closing the door, twice, were never shown as it is required to get in and out of the garage. And because I'm attempted to make this as correct as possible I put those in.

In Time For The 50th
I'm working rather hard to clean up all the uses I have in time for the 50th anniversary. As soon as I view that and have collected all the uses there work will begin on the infographic and the article itself.

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