23 October 2013

Sorry, I've Been Busy—Have Some Networks.

Busy, yes but most of it comes from complications in my real life and nobody here want's to hear about those problems. What you want is Doctor Who and right now, specifically stuff about the sonic screwdriver. Okay, here's the good part of my business.

New Networking Software
After I departed Carnegie Mellon my colleague told me I needed to wean myself off ORA cause it's not a free program and anything we do might just be claimed by individuals in charge of the program. So I'm taking a course using a new program called Gephi. It's a little harder to use and contains less functionality but it will still make pretty networks out of my datasets. Here are the sonic networks for the Ninth and Tenth Doctors. The sonic paths travel from the Doctor node [green] to the What did it seem to do [purple] to the acoustic sciences [red] and finally to the physical sciences [blue]. This is the dataset I've been working on lately. And you can see there is still tweaking that needs done on the labeling but it's pretty much done and I'm just waiting on the 50th anniversary episode in order to finish my 50 year sonic data visualization.

 photo nine-sonicnetwork_zps75fb477c.jpg

 photo ten-sonicnetwork_zps6af7ee9d.jpg

I will be producing one of these for each Doctor for the first round. Companions, and other characters, will be getting something else in the future.

And what is this all for? It all comes back to that one statement I've made previously that, "Open door is not a function of the screwdriver, it is merely a result of some acoustic function." These, and the charts that follow are my attempt to put all the uses into a logical order. And seeing that this subject matter is completely subjective I understand that many people will have differing views on the matter and would, quite frankly, have done it completely different if it was their project. To wit I say, That's nice. Let me know when your charts are finished. I'll gladly take a look at them like the Doctor Who fan I am.

More on the dataset and networks coming up as work progresses...

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