28 November 2013

Charts, Infographics, and Scholarly Papers.

Now that the 50th anniversary episode has aired, Jürgen and I are on our way to do the Doctor Who network analysis paper. We needed to wait until the last episode aired in order to have a complete network. And no, the Christmas special won't be completed as it is actually in the 51st year. I know, semantics...

In our initial discussions, and reviewing some past networks, it appears there is a large difference between the pre-Moffat and the post-Moffat networks. Jürgen thinks this might be a good comparison to focus on. Another point might be the classic vs. new or the classic vs The entire 50 years. We're not sure yet and talks are still under way.

But for now, the research into actual scholarly papers is underway. This is the first thing Jürgen says needs done. You want to know what's out there already before we decide on our final course. So I'm plugging my way through tons of Google and Yahoo searches looking for any and all papers and essay written on the subject of Doctor Who. And believe me, it's probaby more than you'd think. I even found a woman in Australia who did her thesis on the Doctor.

We're also looking over journals to submit the article to. It won't be a pop culture article so Jürgen doesn't want to be constrained with doing a pop culture pieces. He wants to create a serious analysis of the show. And that's fine with me. Doing the Whotopia pieces are great but being part of a scholarly work on Doctor Who was something I originally didn't think about.

But Wait, There's More...
But the 50th anniversary also brings to a head another dataset. I will be finishing up the 50-year dataset of sonic screwdriver uses. That one will be more for the pop culture scene with accompanying charts and infographics.

I also hope to have the d3.js moving along and be able to put the material up as a interactive web page.

It all boils down to time. I'm still looking for either a full-time job or getting my freelancing started. Which ever comes first I guess.

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