05 November 2013

Damn That's A LopSided Chart...

Something interesting I just found out about coding with d3 on a blog. You have to remember to rename you svg container to a new name or else any other entries looking for the same ID will stick their code in all of them. Got so confused I accidentlly overwrote the last entry and had to delete it. Now there's a lesson learned...

After a little work I have gotten the interactive sonic use chart to a usable condition. Click on the buttons atop the chart and it will display the number of uses for each Doctor. Click the All button to show the entire range. Each of the Doctors are colour coded and the translucent chart in the background shows the entire chart as you transverse the individual charts.

Things still in the works are the TV Movie both the Seventh and Eighth Doctors used the screwdriver. I'm investigating the creation of a stacked graph for that season.

Any Analysis Here?
There is no analysis of the chart currently. Time was spent on the learning of d3 and getting the proper numbers of the dataset into the code. Now that the code is working, I will be checking with my colleague and figure out some interesting metrics to run.

Doctor Who Sonic Uses

Click a button—Choose your Doctor

About This Chart

When you click a button, the chart will transition all the bars except for the Doctor chosen but it will leave a translucent background image. Since it is a comparison chart, the background image will give you a point of reference. The chart is also set up for the 50 year period, not per Doctor and not per season. For this chart I had the years start out, more of less, on the 23rd of November [The date of the first episode]. But sometimes the year started sooner— and sometimes later. The years marked with 0 mark the years which the screwdriver was not used during the First, Second, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Doctors.

And other inconsistencies include David Tennant's third season which consisted a full set of 13 episodes and a Christmas special and the four specials done in the following year. In this chart, these specials were separated into their own grouping as they all were shown in the succeeding year. Likewise, Matt Smith's season occasionally straddled more than one years and his three seasons ran from April 2010 to December 2013 [a total of 44 months].

Still a Working On...
Clicking on the Seventh and Eighth you will see a single use in 33. That is The TV Movie where both the Seventh and Eight Doctors had one use each. Clicking the All button will display a 2 for that year [Correction: it only displays one after the revamping of the data structure]. Attempting to locate coding for stacked bar charts.

That Bar Chart Certainly Makes It Clear...
By far the most noticeable item is the disparity between the uses in the classic time and the uses in the new series. Everyone knew it was used more in the 21st century but the chart really show how much more. But when you look at it on this bar graph, it's a little more heavy-handed than originally thought.

Future Improvements
One addition item I'm looking at is turning the buttons into toggles.

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