16 November 2013

Doctor Who Friends, Family, and Best Enemies Network

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Key :
Light blue : Doctor
Red : Companion, Companion-Lite, Associate, Family
Green : Story
Orange : Villain
Brown : Time Lord
Magenta : Famous people/God-like beings [yea, I lumped them together for this graph]
Teal : waffle [were either villain of associate depending on the episode]

Before we get to the 50th anniversary episode, I decided to do a quick preview on the network as it stands. This one charts the main characters connections to the stories they appeared in, not the connections of each character to other characters. That will be coming later. Jürgen will be creating that graph when he starts the analysis.

What You Immediately See
The above network shows just what Steven Moffat's writing has done to position his Eleventh Doctor creation directly in the middle of the entire network. He has connected to nearly every facet of the Doctor's history and that has pulled the Eleventh Doctor, as well as all involved with him, to be the center hub of the Whoniverse. The large blue circle represents the Eleventh Doctor and the large red circle represents Clara. Much of this centralization can be, even without a full analysis, chalked up to events in The Name of the Doctor when it was revealed that Clara went into the Doctor's time line and met all his previous incarnations. For the sake of brevity, as well as sanity, I made connections from Clara to the story events I saw on the screen. That pulled Clara to the center of the chart and since she is closely connected to the Eleventh Doctor, pulled his hub to the center. Thus, the Eleventh Doctor is the center of the Doctor Who network.

Moffat Now The Center of the Whoniverse?
Now some people may think that's great as it unifies everything together. Others will think that's horrendous as, well... they just don't like the man very much. Here, we are mostly interested in how all the connections fit together. And as it's known I'm not a Moffat supporter, I do enjoy the program more than any other. And the motto goes, Any Doctor Who is better than no Doctor Who...

I'm in the stretch of final tweaks to the current network waiting for the 50th episode to air. All the work from the past two years will be put into use. As others got to post week after week about the show, we had to wait till the the 50th episode airs. But I hope you think it will be worth it...

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