10 November 2013

I Got Accepted to...

...be a contributor to WhatCulture.com. Most of my time lately was cleaning up the article I submitted for review. That article has been accepted and I then got to work making it presentable.

So What Does That Mean?
It means that some of the essays I would have posted here will end up on the WhatCulture site. With time constraints, it's difficult to produce enough for two sites.

Will There Be New Material Posted Here?
Yes, I will still be posting stuff to this site as well as links to what I'm writing on other sites. The material posted here will be material that is in a format different than what they like. They prefer those lists of things style posts rather than long, involved essays.

Why Post On WhatCulture?
It's mainly for the exposure. I can usually get one to three hundred reads on my blog. There should be quite a bit more on a site like WhatCulture. SInce I'm not really planning on making a living with this, it doesn't matter where I post it. So going over to a higher traffic area makes sense.

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