15 November 2013

Little More Than A Week Away

Next week begins the countdown to the 50th anniversary shows. And with that, the last of the changes to the Doctor Who Network and the Sonic Screwdriver Usage Dataset. When those are complete and settled, the analysis will begin. The last tweaks are now deciding if anymore of the characters listed in the dataset should be removed from the ultimate Friends and Family network.

Currently, the sonic screwdriver network contains almost 900 uses of the screwdriver. I expect it to crest 900 after the 50th anniversary special. The Night of the Doctor added two more uses that I wasn't expecting.

So I'm going to post what my criteria are and if anyone has any suggestions on this, I welcome the input.

  • All the Doctors are separate nodes in the network, even when he seemingly met himself. This makes many more Doctor nodes that you might expect but it assists in keeping the networks tied together correctly.
  • People who are friends are divided into three categories :
    1. Companions : People who had one of more adventures with the Doctor and traveled with him in the TARDIS. In the Classic series it was much easier to discern. In the new series, there was more margin of error.
    2. Companions-Lite : People who had one adventure with the Doctor with or without traveling in the TARDIS. Some of the one-shot companions never saw the inside of the TARDIS but that doesn't mean they don't qualify to be a companion. A term I use is One-Off Companion. [i.e., Jackson Lake] Entries describing this term is at This Entry and That Entry
    3. Associates : People who were involved with the Doctor but not intimately even if they did travel in the TARDIS. [i.e., Madame Vastra]
  • For the most part, famous people have been excluded except if the appeared in more than one story [i.e., Albert Einstein].
  • Villains who only appeared once were automatically excluded. They were considered unimportant in the overall scheme of the network.

This is a fairly subjective list and I took many liberties in the categorizations.

If you're interested in seeing how the Doctor interacted with everyone over the past 50 years, and help me get this dataset finished, then please, drop me a comment.

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