14 November 2013

Night of the Doctor

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By now I figure everyone has seen this minisode. But this means much more to me in regards to the Doctor's Friends and Family Network and the Sonic Screwdriver Usage dataset.

What This Minisode Means To The Datasets
First, it adds uses to the Eighth Doctor's smattering of uses... make that one use, of the sonic screwdriver. When the network is sized by uses, it's difficult to find the Eighth Doctor on the network. At least now, he'll be slightly larger on the screen and in the metrics.

Second, if connects another classic group, The Sisters of Karn, to another Doctor. Each time a new connections is made, the network pulls ever so slightly tighter. When Jürgen and I did the first network in 2011, both the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors clusters were very visible. At present those two clusters, though still separate, show signs of being pulled closer to the main body. And knowing that the Zygons are in the 50th anniversary, there's another link helping to tighten up the network.

The 50th Anniversary
After the showing of the anniversary special I will clean up the dataset and send it to Jürgen and he will decide what the best set of metrics will be for an analysis.

The Final Analysis
I will be posting selected parts of this analysis as he would like to turn this into a paper for submittal to a respectable journal. I like that idea but that also means I will be unable to let loose the full analysis till after we get it published [if at all].

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