24 November 2013

Why You Can't Trust On-Line Polls

I understand why web sites do these but honestly, you can't take them seriously. No matter how many well-meaning fans vote, there's always a group of people that think it would be funny to get the dark horse... not, the horse that shouldn't even be in the race over the finish line first.

And so it goes with Doctor Who TV's Your Ultimate Doctor Revealed Poll

Let's forgo the total list and take a look at the winner and the runner-up. This tells the whole story in a nutshell.

 photo Idonttrustpolls_zps4a539f33.jpg

Yes, that's Peter Cushing from the two movies beating out Tom Baker. Seriously, there's only one way that could have happened. A bunch of fanboys thought it would be funny if Peter Cushing would win this poll. Thinking this, they needed to garner a lot of assistance from friends and egged those friends to get other friends to vote and so on and so on and so on...

Cause really, isn't the funniest thing you can imagine on the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is to see the non-canonical Doctor, an Earth man who invented a TARDIS in his garage, win the ultimate Doctor poll? And from the comment above his picture it appears that the surge of votes came late in the day to push him over the finish line first.

No, never trust polls on-line as there are most certainly people who would love to see something funny happen and see the impossible happen.

That's why we can't have anything nice...

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  1. That's not the real winner. It was a joke by the site.