31 December 2013

Are The Holidays Over Yet?

No, I'm not dead. But this has been one of the most hectic holiday seasons ever. Haven't been home like I wanted to be and that meant not being able to work on projects I needed to.

But one thing that did happen is I seemed to have crested over the ridge and am finally getting a hold of programming d3. The coding is beginning to make sense and with that knowledge, the charts are coming a little easier. There are still some kerfuffles in the coding but at least something is appearing on the screen. The last piece I did is non-Doctor Who related so I won't be posting it here but I'm looking at doing more Doctor stuff now that the mapping piece is finished.

I finished collecting references for the network analysis paper Jürgen and I are writing. It's a little slow as Jürgen took off on vacation to Europe and we won't be getting back together wil after the 17th. But that gives me time to verify the final dataset of all the important connections in the first 50 years of Doctor Who. The dataset needs to be Set in stone so if any further analysis needs to be done it will be run on the exact same dataset as the original. Those data scientists are just so damn picky...

I'm also finishing up the sonic screwdriver dataset but the d3 fixes will be a little more difficult. Mainly there's the inclusion of the War Doctor and the fact that there were three sonic wielding Doctors in one episode. That's going to make the chart fixes a joy.

Then to top it off, three books I had ordered on Inter-Library-Loan come in within a week of each other. And since I have two weeks for each on that means I've had my nose stuck in a book a good bit of the time.

But charts are on the horizon and some additional analysis will be forthcoming in 2014...

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