07 December 2013

Networking Final

This week was the final week of the Social Networking class I'm taking. That means I haven't had much time for anything else. As with taking any final, I needed to go back and review everything from the class. Although much of the information was a rehash of what I learned while working at the university, there were concepts which were explained in different, and better terms.

Much of the information from this class will be used for the Doctor Who analysis. The descriptions of these concepts were done in a simplistic manner and these are the ones I will be using in my descriptions. That means, no math...

So after Sunday, I will not have a load of studying to do and can devote more time to the project.

I definitely need to get Jürgen the citation list so we can carry on. And that means we can actually get back into the writing portion of the project. There's also work on the interactive d3 portion of the project and that's making progress also. I'm considering rearranging my website to give it a section of its own. After all, that's the main thrust of the work I'm doing now.

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