04 December 2013

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With the 50th anniversary special done it is time to start work both the Doctor Who 50 year network paper and the 50 year sonic screwdriver use infographic.

The Paper
For the start of the paper, Jürgen had me find as many scholarly references to Doctor Who as I could. He says before we start, we need to know what is out there to cite. Makes the job easier later on when you need a good citation. He introduced me to a citation program, Zotero, which creates libraries of citations from web pages you find. And if there is book metadata if pulls that into the bookmark. Makes it quite simple to create a citation library. Also it can be shared between multiple people.

The next step is to write a one sentence description of each reference I found.

When that's over, we can finally start with the writing portion of the program.

Jürgen said that after two pop culture articles for Whotopia he'd like to concentrate on a more scholarly paper. One with proper citations and conclusions. Not that we didn't have conclusions in the tow Whotopia articles. And he's looking into journals which he will be able to submit it. So I'm really not sure on the time table for that project.

The Chord Chart
I've decided that a good interactive visual for the sonic uses would be the Chord Chart. I've been waffling about the style of chart that might work best and settled on the chord as I can place all the people and uses around the outer edge and as you hover over any of the exterior bars it will reveal all of the connections. Below is an example of a chord chart.

I've got the basic chart done and am in the process of getting the labels placed around the edge properly. It should take anywhere from a day to a decade. Never know when you're dealing with a programming language.

Future Essays

Articles on tap are a look at how Whether the setup of An Unearthly Child still holds true for 21st centrury Who and one I've been thinking about, Doctor Who's most Experimental Episodes. And surprise! Neither of them contains harping on how I feel about the direction of the show. Who would have guessed...

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